Top 15 reasons people give to get you married against your wish

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Single Rehne De
Single Rehne De
Happy hoon main happy happy rehne de…

Am I the ‘only’; truly happy; ‘single-by-choice’ singleton who is jiving to this song from the Kangana Ranaut starrer Simran? I am sure, ‘I am not the only ‘one’.

Amidst all this loud cheer, however, there is that ‘one’ query that is raising its bobbing head in my mind. The query being, ‘When will our self-appointed ‘well-wishers’ stop asking us that ‘single’ question?’ The question being – “Why are you still single?”

And as all singletons are aware, it does not stop there. This question is immediately followed by ‘free’ advisory sessions conducted by the ‘well-wishers’ where they seek to elucidate – “Why you (read – the singleton) should get married”

In good zest and spirit, allow me then, to put forth a list of the top 15 tips given at these ‘advisory sessions’. ‘The List’ is ‘authentic’,  since it has been compiled after speaking to a good number of singletons and also from my own experience.

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Culture vulture

1.  Marriage is an important part of our culture; tradition and societal norm – you must follow the norm. It is also your ‘duty’. How can you not do your duty?

2.  This comes from the parents – “Do you want the society to snub us? Tell us that we have not done our duty as parents? What will our relatives and neighbours say?”

3.  This comes from the grandparents – “I want to see you get married; see you dressed as the groom or the bride (as the case might be). Won’t you fulfill this dream of mine?”

4.   “No man or woman is perfect. Thus, no marriage is perfect. You will have to work at it and make it perfect.”

Peer pressure

5.  Relatives at a younger sibling’s or cousin’s or nephew’s or niece’s wedding – “Those younger than you are getting married; it is high time – you, too, should tie the knot. At least think of the gifts that you will be getting and the honeymoon package!”

6.  This is if you are a girl – “You are so pretty or beautiful. What is the point of all this beauty if you do not have a man in your life to admire you; to spoil you? You must get married.”

7.  This is if you are a boy – “You are so handsome and successful. What is the point of being so good-looking if there is no wife around to take care of you? Or spend all your money – Ha! Ha! Or Stop you being from being a spendthrift and wasting all your savings on your first love – travelling? Humph!”

Think of us!

8. “Arrey, how can you deprive us of the perfectly good opportunity to enjoy the lavish spread; dance and make merry?”

9. “When will you get married – when you are 50? Where is the fun in that? You must get married while you are still young and hot-blooded! Ha! Ha!”

10.  This advice is given to the ONLY son in the family who is of ‘marriageable age’ and have had the misfortune to lose his mother – “You must get married. Your mother is no more, who will look after the household now? This house needs a woman’s touch.”

11.  This advice is given to the ONLY daughter in the family who is of ‘marriageable age’ and have had the misfortune to lose her father – “You must get married. This family needs the support of strong shoulders. Your husband will become the son your parents never had!”

12. “Don’t you feel lonely or get depressed? You WILL, especially after 45. You must get married before that.”

Are you ok?

13. “Don’t you feel the ‘urge’? Is everything ‘normal’ with you?” (No one utters ‘sex’, yet advisers audaciously ‘pierce’ and ‘violate’ a singleton’s right to privacy).

14.  What will you do when you feel the ‘urge’?

If you are a man, this is what you are most likely to hear – “You can do whatever you want, but do not forget that it is your duty to father some legitimate children – you owe this family that much, don’t you?”

If you are a woman, this is what you are most likely to hear – “No one can control the urge. You will give in to it one day and then bring shame upon the family.”

15.  Your parents will not be there forever.

A singleton friend of mine once asked me, “Does this mean that the parents of those who get married are immortal?”

Whew! That was some ‘List’, right? But then, that was my list. You, dear readers, are more than welcome to add to it. Simply click on the ‘Comment’ section to do the needful.

Let me ‘elucidate’ that not that all advice given by the well-wishers is unreasonable and we singletons do not doubt the good intentions – most of the time that is – but isn’t it far better to join us and dance to Single Rehne De – till, we singletons decide otherwise – but of our own accord?

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  1. It seems our society does not want singles to be happy forever! Jokes apart, the article precisely points out every single reason imposed upon us all the time. Well articulated and to the point. Must read for all the single out there!

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