Affair and Cheating

The two sides of an extra marital affair

Flipping the fidelity coin
People on Bench

“You can’t be wise and in love at the same time.” Bob Dylan

Remember Raj Kapoor’s dialogue from the film, “Pyaar main bada se bada aadmi bhi bachcha ban jata hai ji”. And then we have the phrase, ‘blind love’. And we know that Kalidasa climbed a snake, thinking it to be a rope, trying to get to his beloved! It is no secret that love, however charming and intoxicating, makes us stupid, irrational and unwise. When enveloped in its claws, we throw caution (read common sense) to the wind and do not care about the repercussions, nothing and no one is more important than the beloved! On the other end of the spectrum, love, when unrequited, can turn us into depressed suicidal maniacs, or conversely into charged raging lunatics angry at the entire world. Very often than not, it is still a love that comes as a savior of another that has gone sour. Love, alone, can bring meaning and worthiness to our lives and physically fill our days and nights with companionship and comfort.

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