The two sides of an extra marital affair

“You can’t be wise and in love at the same time.” Bob Dylan

Remember Raj Kapoor’s dialogue from the film, “Pyaar main bada se bada aadmi bhi bachcha ban jata hai ji”. And then we have the phrase, ‘blind love’. And we know that Kalidasa climbed a snake, thinking it to be a rope, trying to get to his beloved! It is no secret that love, however charming and intoxicating, makes us stupid, irrational and unwise. When enveloped in its claws, we throw caution (read common sense) to the wind and do not care about the repercussions, nothing and no one is more important than the beloved! On the other end of the spectrum, love, when unrequited, can turn us into depressed suicidal maniacs, or conversely into charged raging lunatics angry at the entire world. Very often than not, it is still a love that comes as a savior of another that has gone sour. Love, alone, can bring meaning and worthiness to our lives and physically fill our days and nights with companionship and comfort.

Now, imagine, what can happen, when this essential business of trust, taken care of with utmost diligence, stamped and sealed, develops perforations. Then the vacuum tight pact starts leaking… What can be worse than knowing that the flesh and blood pivot on which our life hinges finds comfort in the arms of another? The word that rings loud, dissolving all else, is betrayal! We lose our minds! If a legitimate love can make us irrational, stupid and unwise, can you imagine what betrayal of that love in the favour of another can do to us? Especially when so much depends on that love: our sense of self, children, family, home, work. We are supposed to lose our minds and our bearings. We ought to rage at being lied to, feel powerless and thus frustrated and vengeful, hurt at the humiliation, we wallow in self pity at being grossly wronged, and sear with the emotional pain and uncertainty of a suspicion-scarred future, – for how can we ever again trust a partner who has committed such a fundamental betrayal!

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The first question we ask when we learn of our partner’s affair is ‘why’? And we conclude that something must be grossly wrong.  Either with:-

The spouse  – That she is a whore and he a man-whore. That he does not love anymore, i.e. if he ever did in the first place. That she is not what he thought she was, everything till then about her was a big lie. There can be no future with such a man again – for once a cheater, always a cheater. And the transgression becomes bigger than any shared past, even when of decades!

couple kissing
Secret Office Kissing

Patriarchal customs assumes that when a man screws around it must be because the wife is deficient, feminist theories assure that if a man is fooling around he is an asshole. Many a times the cheating partners consciously/subconsciously blame their spouses for creating a situation that “made them” vulnerable to the affair. The most common reasons cited by men are their partners’ disinterest in sex; for women, it’s men’s emotionally unavailability.

With you – That you are somehow ‘short’, not deserving his exclusive love. That, what your partner looked for outside was something that lacked in you, inside.

Even when we may not agree openly with out cheating partners, on some deep level we will blame their defection to our failings. The instinct to believe the information about our selves reflected in our partners’ thoughts of us run through our deeper consciousness. These hidden subliminal forces explain why the otherwise successful and powerful people are just as vulnerable in their love relationships. According to Cross & Madson, 1997; Martin & Ruble, 1997, ‘This tendency also seems related to the fact that the self-concept of women is, much more than that of men, dennedin terms of their relationships with others, and that women feel inadequate when their rival is perceived to surpass them’. Also the stronger tendency of women to engage in self-blame when confronted with a spouse’s adultery may also stem from women being in a more dependent position than men (cf. Wood & Eagly, 2000).

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In a long-term relationship,< we become frozen in our role, caught in a repetitive loop. Everything seems boringly repetitive. An affair offers a clean slate and a refreshing unpredictability, a newness. When we get into them, we are often pleased, surprised, relieved or thrilled, to find that in this affair we show up as very different from the person we are in the marriage. We are funnier, sexier, smarter, more compassionate, wiser, kinder, more wonderful, fulfilling and pleasing to ourselves! After all it is for an hour or two, sometimes a stray weekend here and there. It is easy to maintain illusions, even of oneself. Romance is a breeze when carried out in secret, fleeting meetings with little time for real life to intrude. And it is a space where we have not even shared the full real ‘I’. You have put your best foot forward and so has the other. It is stage one of romance and it is nothing short of perfect! It’s a new you wrapped in desiring and being desired, attracted and being attractive. You are treated as special. You are heard, understood, appreciated and wanted. It is a confidence builder. You feel validated in a different sense. You are seen as interesting and as sexually attractive. You do not have to beg for sex or dole it out as alms. In this secret world, you are perfect, the lover is perfect and the world is perfect! What a capsule of goodies! Your own secret perfect world. A world that does not involve responsibilities, expectations, EMI’s, bills, children, housekeeping or rules. The high art of philandering is finding ways to steal perfect little moments. You know that what you’re doing is wrong, but it feels so right. It’s your secret, and it’s exciting.

To be in a relationship where you are desired and valued for yourself, can be addictively delicious! According to researchers, secrecy in relationships actually fans the fires of passion. Wegner, Lane and Dimitri (1994) proposed that romantic secrecy increases the allure of romantic relationships. The brain actually forces us to think most about the things we try to forget. We think obsessively about relationships conducted on the sly.

In this world of cyber affairs that we live in, it is far easier to carve out this secret perfect world. The two augment each other- the need for fantasy and the virtual world. With thousands wanting and waiting a click short on their desks, whether at home or work, whether travelling or waiting at the lounges, salons or even the clinic. The laying down of the bedding can be sinfully effortless.

Affairs fill the craving for drama, risk and excitement. And it is a rebellion against a system. It is, after all, eating the forbidden fruit!

Affairs fulfill your curiosity. To see the ‘how’? How would sex be with another? How would your body respond? Does the libido go up? Does your body find him wanting?

You are never lonely. Formulating texts, receiving them, checking mails, phone calls, planning a rendezvous, thinking about the rendezvous, preparing for it. And when nothing else you are daydreaming about the beloved. You are really never lonely!

And then it is about communication. You have someone willing to share the minutae of your life, your otherwise humdrum existence.

And then it can be about the delightful knowledge that you still have the capacity to seduce.

In the face of tragedy, illness, or loss, affairs can provide a shot of adrenaline that helps recapture one’s lost vitality.Ultimately, it is not the sex that glues the adulterous relationship together but the talking about sex and the power these stories have to transform our idea of ourselves.

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Readers Comments On “The two sides of an extra marital affair”

  1. The pity situation is when partner feels emotionally disconnected, they won’t discuss the same with each other and work on. Instead, take out easiest option of looking out even though it is wrong and later once damage is done crib about the consequences by suddenly remembering the purpose of marriage, whether one mistake to be excused, what about children .. etc. Question is once cheated, forever he/she will be a cheater for life time there is no denying. Even thief and murderer has reasons for what they do & so as cheater also has reasons. Cheater only proved that he/she has no concern for her partners emotions/respect and love. Trust and dependability which are basic traits of a person are lost and is very difficult to build-up in a relationship. Trust and dependability are not like a dress which can be dropped in one night stand or affair and after wear it to be in a marriage. These are personal traits. Otherwise what is the difference between animal and Human. Even pet is more trustworthy than a cheater. Are we saying it is better have pets at home than cheaters?

    Can any one justify one murder by a person at the age of 50 yrs saying that i have not murdered for last fifty years and this is the one done at fit of rage and i will not do further, please excuse first time murder? Is this logic sound and murderer can be excused? No. Similarly an affair. Atleast when murdered, one leaves the world and pain ended. But in affair, it is the loyal spouse most affected emotionally for life long. Hence betrayal is heneous than murder. For a cheater, he/she enjoyed without shame and its consequences only crib and act drama when exposed. That’s all. For a cheater, marriage is a mockery and loyal spouse is a slave/worker to take care of family stress and responsibilities. That’s all

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