The Unavoidable Wish

Since my last meeting with her, I was in a dilemma to meet her again or not. Whenever, I close my eyes, I day dream her face, the smile and the lips. Every single detail of her face, every single word of her sentences, all were stored in the hard disk of my brain. I am desperate to meet her, and I can’t forget that I am a gentleman and I cannot show the desperation to her.

In the heat of April, the weather turned out to be pleasant; wind kissing my cheeks and going away. I was sitting in an open café with laptop in front of my eyes and thinking about her. I had already gone through her Facebook photographs like hundred times. I wanted to see her, and I was twenty kilometres away from her office location. I looked into the cloudy sky and smiled; I had made my decision. I packed my laptop, sat on my bike and cruised towards her office.

The rain god smiled on me, and said ‘Son, nothing is stress-free in this world; you want to see her sight? Therefore, you need to work hard for it’. The wind turned into dusty storm, and it started raining by the time I had cruised half of the distance. I told myself ‘I wish to see her, the wish is old’. I kept driving and in another few minutes, I was outside her office. I texted her, ‘wassup’. She replied, ‘I am packing stuff, leaving office’. I again told myself, ‘I wish to see her, the wish is old’.

People started coming out of the parking of her office, and I was waiting outside, badly drenched in rain. The wish was ruling my decision and my pain, because the wish was old. After ten minutes, she drove out of the parking in her car, making her way out in traffic. I was wearing the helmet while looking at her. Little stress was visible on her face; she had the same lipstick on which she had on our previous meeting. While driving, she texted me, ‘What are you up to’. I replied, ‘I am lost in your beauty’. She thought I was kidding, though I was not. She took ten minutes to drive from parking till the main road connecting the highway. Those ten minutes were fulfilling for me, as I watched her. It was one of those wishes which was unavoidable by heart.


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