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The one thing that I never want to change in my partner ?

Now this question is tougher than finishing all the three books of Lord of the Rings in a week right?

The fact is when you finally manage to fall in love after those many unsuccessful attempts; the time when you fall into this stable, beautiful, unconditionally happy feeling, there can never be just one thing that you don’t want to change about your partner.

To be frank, there is nothing you would want to change about them because ‘Hello’, didn’t you fall in love and continue to fall more and more every day because of ‘All’ of the things in the first place?

But still, if I had to submit an answer to my Question paper, the one thing I would never want to change about my Darling is his sense of being.

You will have to bare with my pseudo philosophy on this one.

The One thing I LOVE about him is how he wakes up every morning with a little smile on his face, managing to look like he would have when he was a baby. While I hug and caress his flushed cheeks, he cuddles me back with such a strong longing as though every morning was a new one together.

Talking about his sense of being, which is filled with cuddly caring, alternate breakfast-making, a deep interest in my stories, somehow knowing when I’m happy, sad or just plain bored. Along with all of his, his quality of knowing how to be around my family- be it cousins, friends, relatives.

And if I talk about the Best Thing, his trust in knowing me and letting me be as and who I am. The sense of trust and a big fuck to insecurity is the main reason I just can’t stop being in awe over the gem I finally landed with and let it sound cheesy or whatever, but if you ask me the one thing that I would never want to change about him, it would be ‘Him, the whole of him, from the skin on his body, to the pink lips on his face, to his anxiety attacks when meeting new people, to his love to understand whatever is happening in the world.’

There is no ‘one’ thing that can be counted here because of the addition of every new thing in both of us. The deductions and the additions somehow improve us and help us in improving each other in the process. And isn’t that what love actually is?

For the ones who are deeply in love surely have this thought each day, “Honestly I never knew you were going to be this important to me, so let me love you, the whole of you, with all I’ve got every day”.


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