These “F” Words Are Anything But Slang! These are Perfect For Your Marriage…

Making a marriage last for years, needs some work combined with love, trust and affection. Even while priorities change with age, couples need to ensure that they are always each other’s priority. After having observed some successful marriages in my family, I have come to realise that a marriage needs to have a 5 F formula. In other words these F words are perfect for your marriage.

5 F words that work wonders for your marriage

Well! What are the F words I am swearing on you might be wondering. Let me tell you then what these are.

1. Friendship

You can never spend a lifetime with your spouse if you do not befriend them. Your marriage needs to be a special friendship for both.

In order to be friends with your spouse you can begin by hanging out with them and doing everything that you both like to do. Take holidays together, go for late night drives, go for a quick bite, share your workload at home and be understanding of each other’s needs.

Ultimately, you can have as many friends, but the friendship that you share with your spouse needs to be your favourite one.

While you need to be together in this friendship, giving each other the required space is also a must.

Giving each other the required space is also a must
Giving each other the required space is also a must

My uncle and aunt who live in Punjab have been married for 45 years. While uncle has his own friends, aunty still is his best friend. There are no formalities in their relationship. They keep it simple yet interesting. They quarrel, joke with each other and support each other whenever required.

2. Fighting

No marriage is perfect. That is how it should be. If you have differences and you are not afraid to vocalise your distinct opinion to each other, then your bond surely is strong enough to sail through such differences and turmoils.

It would be a cause of concern, if there were no fights.

I have seen many marriages which are too good to be true. Such marriages will never have any fights but each spouse carries a lot of bitterness in their heart and it only increases with time because they do not have the courage and the freedom in their relationship to yell, shout and release all the foulness. With fights one also needs to have another ‘F’ word in mind and that is forgiveness. After a fight, you need to forget, forgive and move forward. After all that is what even best friends do, right?

No marriage is perfect
No marriage is perfect

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3. Faithful

It goes without saying that a marriage can work only if both the spouses are faithful. So this is one of the most important F words. Fidelity is important in a marriage and needs to be defined by the couple. Whether it is an open marriage or a traditional monogamous relationship, couples should not keep secrets. If you keep a secret and your partner finds out from someone else, there are dense chances that you will never be able to gain their trust again. It is also popularly said that once a cheater always a cheater.

4. Foreplay

Sex is an integral part of marriage. It brings the couple closer in every aspect. Foreplay is the key in having awesome sex. Kissing, caressing, undressing, feeling each other’s body all bring about an emotional connect to the entire love-making session. No matter how old they get, couples should enjoy the pleasures of foreplay. After all sex is not just intercourse.

Sex is an integral part of marriage
Sex is an integral part of marriage

5. Family

This is a big one; family comes first and then the rest. As a couple, you should have enough time for each other and your respective families. As spouses, you should also be able to accept and love his/her folks and make them a part of your own family. A marriage can never be successful if you do not have your family and friends supporting you. Arrange for family gettogethers, invite each other’s parents, close friends and spend quality time. Whenever your marriage is going through some turbulence, often it’s this support group that will help you deal with the troubles and bring you back on track.

Family comes first and then the rest

Now you get the meaning of the five important F words for marriage? Stick to these words and have a rocking life.

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