Their Story

fall in love
They fell in love,
Oh how peaceful the hearts felt -Just like the flight of a white dove.The time came for the first kiss,

As the boy’s lips moved over hers –

Many beats her heart did miss.

Since they were a couple,

Why wouldn’t they make love?

All night long it went on – on the double!

The parents were good,

So marriage happened happily –

All lived altogether, always in a good mood.

Within a year they had a child,

Some fights also began to creep in –

But hey we’re still mild.

Bliss was short lived,

Because soon they turned into warring enemies –

And the happy memories none wanted to relive.

The girl walked out one day,

Carrying the child with her.

She was independent again – she felt happy and gay.

The laws in India are with the girl,

So with mirth she filed false cases –

The husband was lost when he found out about all the lying hurl.

They fought in the court,

Years passed by –

The child grew up, holding her emotions at fort.

Why does one fall in love –

I often think.

Is it finally fights to carve?

If it is love,

Then, why can’t it, instead, just evolve?

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