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These 10 pictures of Anushka and Prabhas will make you wish that they tied the knot in real life too

Indians are wondering, when will Anushka and Prabhas share the good news?

Actress Anushka Shetty celebrates her 36th birthday today. We all know her as the bold and beautiful Devasena from Rajamouli’s magnum opus, Baahubali.

Ever since the larger India witnessed her as the better half of Prabhas aka Baahubali, there has been incessant buzz about them turning into a couple. From Quora questions to endless media interviews, Indians have been mulling over as to why the gorgeous and adorable reel life pair hasn’t been engaged in real life too?

So while we keep our fingers cross and hope Cupid listens to our wishes, here are ten pictures of Prabhas and Anushka that give us major couple feels.

According to an entertainment portal, Prabhas is actually going to take marriage vows with Anushka in March 2018. Rumours or wishes?

anushka and prabhas
Image source

You badly wish the rumours to turn true after watching this couple. Don’t you?

prabhas- anushka
Image source

They have known each other for almost a decade and genuinely care for each other.

prabhas-and-anushka-shetty talking
Image source

Marriage or not, both Anushka and Prabhas have confirmed that they are really good friends (That’s the first step to love, isn’t it?).

anushka laughing
Image source

Even Prabhas had once said, “We have known each other for years but I admit sometimes when such stories start doing the rounds, then I too start wondering if there is, indeed, something between us.”

anushka prabhas on bike
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The ease, with which they express their love on screen makes us fall for them.

prabhas laughing
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The scene that stole millions of hearts – don’t we all wish our man to stand up with us against the rest of the world?

Image source

This duo is all about laughter, smiles and cuteness.

Image source

Look at the way they look at each other!

Prabhas and Anushka Shetty
Image source

Because every Prabhas deserves an Anushka.

Image source
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  1. I love these photos and the tips are great I especially like the ones about editing! Thanks for sharing!
    Damn Incredible….Impressing Work!!!

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