They were from two different backgrounds and yet in love with each other

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Going out together from office

“People are gossiping away, and I am loving it,” Rita giggled. The young editor was in a cafeteria with Ravi, her junior colleague, whom she had started dating a month back.

Ravi looked at her affectionately. He remembered how he used to get intimidated by the sheer sight of her when he had just got to know her. Rita had taken the initiative and made their relationship possible. He, on his own, couldn’t have taken a single step forward even though her beauty and easy confidence would have held him captive.

“Tell me something, Rita. Why me?” He suddenly asked her.

“Why you? Okay, good question. That is because you are a very bright guy. We share common interests, and well, I have fallen in love with you. These are several reasons, right?” Then, she asked, “Why me? You tell me now.”

He looked at her and nodded. “My reasons are exactly the same, although I was initially attracted to you because of your confidence and beauty. Like many other morons, I guess.”

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I’m your boss, remember?

She laughed. “Now, give me a kiss. Right now. You don’t have a choice. I am your boss, remember?”

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Rita wanted to get kissed in public view from time to time. He bent his neck and kissed her softly. She lowered her head and started staring at the coffee mug in front of her.

“I love you,” she whispered. “I keep on telling my parents how adorable you are. They mean the world to me, you know. And, they trust what I say. They always do.”

Meanwhile, back in office, gossipmongers had gone into an overdrive. Neither Ravi nor Rita gave a damn, although rumours both true and false sailed into their ears.

Rita didn’t extend any special favours to Ravi simply because he was her boyfriend. Ravi didn’t expect them either. Everybody agreed on that front, which ensured that the environment in office remained as cheerful as ever.

Talk to my parents, please

Sometime later, Rita sprang a surprise on Ravi. She had come over to his apartment and stayed back at night. When the two of them were getting ready for work in the morning, she asked, “Hey, would you like to speak to Dad once? He wants to chat for a bit with you. Only if you are comfortable with the idea, of course.”

“Why should I have a problem? Please do let me speak to him,” he bit her slender neck softly and murmured.

Ravi spoke to her Dad, who asked him a few general questions about his new workplace. “I hope my daughter isn’t giving you too much trouble. She is a brat,” he laughed.

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“I hope my daughter isn’t giving you too much trouble. She is a brat,” he laughed.

“No, not at all. She is the most wonderful human being I have met,” he replied.

Rita’s father and he carried on for a few minutes before the former said a quick goodbye. He was already late for work, and his wife was yelling at him, he informed Ravi before hanging up.

“My father is a gem of a person and my mom is no less. They will become your best friends soon,” Rita told him soon after the telephonic conversation had come to a close.

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Our different backgrounds don’t matter

Ravi and Rita spent most of their free time together. As the girl once said, “When we are not in the office, we are either in a cafe or in a movie hall or in your place or mine. We have turned into permanent fixtures in each other’s lives.”

Ravi had gradually realised that Rita was the only daughter of wealthy parents. The girl tried to avoid money-related discussions, but a casual mention of the properties her parents owned or a new luxury car they had bought was a good indication of their financial status. He had a sister, and his background was distinctly middle class. But neither Rita nor he saw it as an obstacle or a barrier.

He spoke to her parents regularly – without discussing anything of substance. Rita too had spoken to his parents a few times. His father was a freethinking, relaxed person. But his mother was shy and conservative. Still, she spoke to Rita in a loving manner, which the latter told him repeatedly.

Do wear those slippers!

One day, Ravi was sauntering inside the house when Rita wasn’t around. The day being a Saturday, Rita turned up and noticed that he had forgotten to wear slippers as usual.

“Why do you forget to wear slippers? It is a habit only unclean people have,” she said with firmness in her voice.

“I am sorry. Nobody asked me to wear slippers during my childhood. I try really hard to make sure that I wear it. At times, I forget. But I don’t do it deliberately,” he said.

He went towards the shoe rack, took out a pair of slippers and wore them right away. Rita, who hated this habit, was annoyed – and didn’t hesitate to express her feelings.

Instead of staying back at night which she usually did during weekends, Rita left in a huff that day.

A couple of hours later, her mother called him up. The two of them discussed all kinds of things until she asked, “Son, I should not be telling you this. However, Rita was telling me that you don’t wear slippers at home. I am like your mother. So I think I can tell you that wearing them is a very good habit, which you need to develop.”

He said he would, and the conversation ended not much later.

When he went to sleep at night, Ravi started wondering why Rita’s mother had to raise the subject during their conversation. Was it that serious an issue?

Should he expect the lady’s intervention if he stayed up late, or spent time with his friends while Rita was alone at home? No, he must not. History won’t repeat itself, would it? It just might. Thoughts of this nature invaded his mind as he slept uneasily that night.

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  1. Love should be anything but blind. And, as a woman operating in this absurd century, I must tell you, love is not always enough. When you are thinking of spending life with a person, in India, it comes along with a giant package. Family plays a crucial role in our lives. So along with personal compatibility, you must take into account all these factors as well. Ravi just got hit on the face. That’s intuition telling him to be alarmed about the mess that lies ahead.

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