Sex and Passion

Things you can say during sex as well as at a family dinner

Romance and mischief are perfect to spice up a long relationship. Our witty readers have some suggestive phrases for both the dining room and the bedroom.
couple on dinner

Being a tease

For couples who live in a joint family or are among friends, a fun activity is to have your secret codes going on. Double entendre can make for some much added spice in an otherwise boring setting. A sensual ‘uummm! This is my favourite!’ as you take a spoon of cool sweetened shrikhand on a hot summer day will be too obvious. Let’s not insult the intelligence of the colleagues, elders or even the kids around us!

But there are certainly many other innocuous, innocent, harmless ‘bedroom’ phrases that one can say and get away with, at dinner time. Listed below are some lines that our witty readers shared with us on the Facebook group ‘Let’s Discuss Infidelity’. Have a yummylicious time!

Pooja Priyamvadaa

“Self-service tonight?”

Pooja Priyamvada

“Do you like it?”

Tuli Banerjee

Aabha singh shahh

“This is harder than usual (rotis)!”

Aabha Singh Shah

Vinod Sharmaa

“Wait, I am not finished yet.”

Vinod Sharma

Pushpendra Pandyaa

“If you keep eating like this, I’ll keep feeding you!”
#TWSS (That’s what she said!)

Pushpendra Pandya

prachi vaishh

“Want some honey on that?”

Prachi Vaish

Prateek Kk

“Too hot?? Blow it first”.

Prateek K

Stotropama Mukherje

“Eat it, it’s organic!”

Stotropama Mukherjee

Lola Kuttiammaa

“Don’t just look at it, eat it!”

Lola Kuttiamma

Ankit Mishraa

“Don’t just get up when you’re done. Wait for everyone to finish!”

Ankit Mishra

vivek balii

“Please come on the table.”

Vivek Bali


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