Things couples do on social media!

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Public displays of affection have taken a giant leap with the advent of social media. Facebook provides an array of options to showcase your love for a loved one. Instagram allows only photographs and so the option is limited. But that doesn’t stop the couples out there from showing their appreciation for each other on social media platforms. Sometimes the couple check-ins piss us off and sometimes they make us wonder why they are even together.
We have a list of things couples do on social media.

1. Air their dirty laundry in public:

We all have those couples who do not step back from spilling their secrets all over the Internet. You might not even be close friends with them but you get constant updates about their sexual experiments, what they fought about last night, why they fought at all.

varun dhavan and alia humpty sharma

2. Love is on the wall:

Love is eternal, I know. And love is happier when shared. Couples don’t shy away from posting cute albeit a bit annoying messages on each other’s walls.

A true testament to If you are in love, let the world know.

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3. Tag it, hashtag it:

Hashtags are all the rage now. We, single ladies, do it. Straight men do it. Couples do it too. If you and your girlfriend are out and Facebook doesn’t recognise your emotions deep enough, Instagram lets you hashtag it all the way.

#shootmyselfinthehead, #justkidding #notreally

4. Selfies:

Ek selfie le lo

From the 50 selfies clicked with the duck face and the weird expressions, one of them gets lucky enough to get edited, put through filters and uploaded on social media. You have couples who upload adorable selfies from their date night and once you get over their PDA, you realise those selfies are totally cute.
Until there is this one make-out boomerang video you wish you had missed.

sonam kapoor from oppo

5. “Look at my bae. She be so stunning”

Couples who post photos of each other. This is actually adorable.

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6. Checkin’ in:

You are finally viva la vida in that fabulous rooftop resto-pub with your partner? Time to post a check-in on Facebook. And if all goes well, drink selfies are on the way. Yay, more PDA!

ranbir kapoor and anushka

7. Once-in-a-blue-moon ‘I love you’ statuses:

Is it annoying to the single men and women out there to read through a ‘I cannot believe you are mine’ status? Who cares? We gonna post it anyway.

8. Say my name:

Not the real names. Social media is mostly flooded with couples giving really cute nicknames to each other. Names like ‘bae’, ‘moonpie’, ‘moony’, ‘bay’, ‘shona’.

You could write a paper on their relationship after going through each of their posts. But let’s not be cynical; its love and they do let the world know.

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