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Public displays of affection have taken a giant leap with the advent of social media. From Facebook to Instagram, from photos to stories and long-winding posts, check-ins and more, couples out there have been painting the virtual world red with their expressions of love and relationship updates. Sometimes these couple updates annoy us, sometimes they make us wonder why they are even together, but sometimes – just sometimes – they make our hearts melt into awwww-gushing mush. From annoying to adorable, here’s our pick of things couples do on social media.

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Annoying Things Couples Do On Social Media

Having that perfect someone in your life can be quite the exhilarating experience. We get it. There are those rare moments when you want to shout from rooftops and let the world in on your happy little world. ‘Rare’ being the operative word. With social media at their disposal, most couples take this whole wearing the heart on the sleeve phenomenon to a whole new level and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to annoying things couples do on social media. Here are 5 other such habits that we wish couples stopped indulging in, like yesterday:

1. Airing their dirty laundry in public:

We all have those people in our friend lists who do not hold back from spilling their relationship secrets all over the internet. You might not even be close friends with them but you know all about when they fought with their partner last, what the fight was about, and how great the makeup sex was. It’s the pinnacle of couples oversharing on social media. *Cringe*

Couple relationship secrets
Couple relationship secrets

2. Love is on the wall:

The relationship mantra today seems to be if it’s on social media, it doesn’t exist. Well, we can make peace with those initial relationship announcements and posts on each other’s walls, but after a while, it begins to get on the nerves. Posting seeming cute, albeit a bit corny, messages on each other’s walls is hands-down one of the most annoying things couples do on social media. Ever heard to DMs, folks?

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3. Selfies:

Click 50 selfies (duck pouts, weird expressions…the works), select one, edit, add filters, post on social media every single time you’re together. Why this need to portray perfect relationships on social media? How about spending some quality time together instead and sparing our walls the agony of hosting the exact same expression of two people squeezed together in one frame on a loop?

Taking selfies

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4. Checkin’ in:

Movies check-in, restaurant check-in, flight check-in, hotel check-in. It’s like social media is practically a third wheel in the relationship. Take a break from your compulsive indulgence in such annoying things couples do on social media and think about all your single friends out there. Have a heart people, seriously! Oh and also, no one cares if he took you to that Michelin star rooftop restaurant or popped the question at the Eiffel Tower. Don’t be one of those couples oversharing on social media.

Oversharing on social media
Oversharing on social media

5. The ‘I love you’ statuses

This is without a doubt among the annoying things couples do on social media that has been done to death and then some. Overcome with this compelling urge to tell your partner you love them? Say it to them in person, drop a text, make a phone call. What’s with this constant projection of perfect relationships on social media? Why do you need the world to see how much you love your significant other? It ain’t adorbs, bruh!

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Adorable Things Couples Do On Social Media

While most of these updates and exchanges give us the case of cringes, some are a whiff of fresh air among this barrage of annoying things couples do on social media. Here is our pick of 5 most adorable things couples do on social media.

1. ‘Look at my bae. She be so stunning’

Couples who post photos of each other because they genuinely appreciate their partners is actually one of the few adorable things couples do on social media. We’re totally rooting for them!

Social Media Couple
Social Media Couple

2. Sharing your partner’s achievements

An appreciation post that lauds a partner’s achievements is indeed among the adorable things couples do on social media. Did she get a promotion? Did he land his dream job? It’s a sign that you’re proud of your significant other and are rooting for them. And we’re rooting for you guys! It is one of those shout-from-rooftops moments that totally deserves some social media mentions.

3. Embarrassing and funny photos

Drunken night antics, lazy Sunday shenanigans, cooking disasters….posting each other’s embarrassing or funny photos is among the genuinely funny things couples do on social media. We don’t mind it because it gives a glimpse into a relationship that is the real deal and not one of those airbrushed perfect relationships on social media.

Embarrassing and funny photos
Embarrassing and funny photos

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4. Sharing memes

Couples who share memes with each other, laugh together. So, we’re adding tagging one another in hilarious memes as one of the adorable things couples do on social media. These memes are often part of an ongoing inside joke, and we want in on it.

5. Pet photos

Couples sharing pet photos
Couples sharing pet photos

We love couples sharing pet photos as much as we despise an overload of baby photos. Got a pooch? Bring ’em social media updates coming people. From walks to naps and fetch sessions, we want to see them all. It is our favourite among the adorable things couples do on social media.

We have come a long way from those initial days when sharing relationship status on social media was as far as people went in putting intimate details about their personal life out in the virtual realm. If you’re in a relationship and tempted to share it with a world, make sure you fall on the adorable things couples do on social media side of the spectrum and not the annoying.

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