Things every girl does during her periods!

Anushka Sharma

Menstrual cycles are one of the most painful things a woman goes through. It is the worst thing she can go through. Every month, we have to bear these painful cycles because we decided not to conceive. There are certain things every woman does during her cycles just to feel better and ease the cramps.

I generally, love to have coffee or chocolate in order to feel good during ‘those’ days. I am blessed as I usually do not experience such gut numbing cramps but here are a few things women do during her periods:

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1.  Curse:

Yes, you heard it right. From God to our boyfriends, we curse everyone and blame them for the game our ovaries are playing with us. We curse men as they do not have to go through such punishments in life. Then we blame the almighty and ask him questions like, ’Why me?’, ‘Are you angry because I do not want to give birth?’ etc.

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2. Tell Her BFF about it:

Oh yes! How do we not tell our BFF about it! They know about everything and menstruation is an important part of our discussion. They also give us 1st hand advice about what to do and what not to do. Our BFF may even come over to our place to make us feel better. Believe it or not, I and my BFF share the dates of our cycle too!

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3. Mark The Date:

At some point in our time, we must have downloaded a calendar that forewarns about our cycles. They even replaced our gynaecologists and told us when to have sex without condoms so that we do not conceive. The calendar also told us about the dates when we were highly fertile and ready to conceive. I still use the calendar just to keep a track. What about you?

4. Forget our diet:

These days can be counted as our cheat days and we can totally forget our diet. We indulge in stuff like a big tub of ice-cream, chocolates, large pizzas and all the junk. Binge-watch all the shows and behave like a total princess. We also have our best friend and a hot pack with us to make our ovaries feel better and calm them down.

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5. Accept the fact:

At the end of two days, we just accept the fact that we are bound to bleed and nothing can help us. Then we start feeling bad about all the junk that we gulped in the span of two days and the amount of work out we need to do to cut down the calories. The pain has now comparatively eased down and we again start feeling better about our existence.

Periods are difficult and you totally deserved to get pampered.

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