Things Only A Guy And Girl Best Friends Will Understand

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When you see a guy and girl best friends, we know it makes your heart go ‘Aww!’ The friendship between a guy and a girl is truly a sight to behold because it is special, adorable and so pure. While they might fight like cats and dogs, they are also equally protective and caring for one another.

Seth and Olivia became best friends in their freshman year of university. They took some of the same classes together and started getting along when they were assigned a partner project together. Ever since then, Seth and Olivia were inseparable. The whole university was hoping that they would start going out, but nah, they were just happy to be guy and girl best friends.


Guy And Girl Best Friends

Can a guy and girl be best friends? This is very disputed territory as most people still believe that a true and raw friendship between a guy and a girl cannot even exist. Most people think they will eventually end up falling in love because one cannot escape attraction.

Well, hopefully, you’re not disappointed but that is untrue. The guy and girl best friends trope is indeed not a fallacy but a regular reality that you can often see around you. In fact, it is not only natural but also immensely wholesome to have a best friend from the opposite gender.

When you are a girl with a guy best friend, you always get to see a man’s perspective and his take on things that you might normally not get a chance to understand. Similarly, when a guy has a girl best friend, she can give him tips and tricks for wooing girls and many other things that he could use some help on. Sounds familiar? Well, read on about some other things that only guy and girl best friends will relate to.

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1. Both of you are often mistaken to be a couple

You spend a lot of time together and there must have been a good number of people, including your friends and family, who have assumed that you are committed to each other or starting a new relationship. They might have even said, “So is your girlfriend going to join us for the family dinner Saturday?” To which you politely must have replied “Um no, we are just friends”.

Although the two of you have a good laugh over this idea, you know that your love for each other resides in the strong bond of friendship you share. Not every great relationship has to be about romantic love and you two know that better than anyone. Being girl guy best friends can be great and sometimes it simply stays that way.

2. Your hangout plans include food, drinks, gossip, dance and a lot of video games

Well, guys love video games and they love having gaming partners even more. And who can be a better partner than his girl best friend? Both of you have unlimited fights over games, but in the end, it only strengthens your bond! When you are a boy and girl best friends, the fun is endless!

In Seth and Olivia’s relationship, Olivia is a major video game junkie who has a console in her dorm. Usually, after classes, the two of them grab a pizza and spend time hanging out while Olivia crushes Seth in every game that they play.

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3. You do not have to surf websites for a new phone or gadgets

This is the greatest perk for a girl with a guy best friend. You have free tech support at your beck and call. Your guy friend is a techie who is always happy to help you out at any time. Hence you never have to worry about staying updated regarding the new phones or cool gadgets that enter the market. You have all the information stored in the brains of your guy friend.

Moreover, any time you run into issues with your laptop or any other gadgets, your expert guy bestie can always fix it for you. Olivia is often technologically challenged and Seth being the geek he is, is like her personal technical assistant.

can a guy and girl be best friends
No tech problems for you when you have a guy best friend

4.  Your chances of getting scolded by parents for attending those late night parties get reduced

Not that your parents stop worrying about you, but you can at least convince them that you have your so-called “bodyguard” with you at all times. When you’re that close, your parents always trust you when you are out with your best friend. So when you’re a girl with a guy best friend, life is pretty great because your parents simply worry less about you.

So every time Olivia wants to go to a frat party and says “Mom stop it! Seth is driving me. I will be fine”. And Olivia’s mom is suddenly at ease. There you go! Always keep your best friend around and you will run into less trouble.

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5. You can be messy and have fun at the same time!

With a guy friend you need not worry about the dresses you wear or the makeup you put on as it doesn’t really matter. Every time you two are hanging out, you know you can be comfortable and your best self with them. No need to be prim and proper when spending time with friends.

Food fights when cooking, pulling each other’s hair, throwing paint at each other – all suddenly seem like the most exciting activities in the world when you are a boy and girl best friends. You can turn any situation into a fun one.

best friends

6. You have a brother/sister for life!

Amidst the fights and love and all the fun you share, you know you have secured a brother or a sister for life and you are blessed to have found them. They protect you and love you like their very own family and that is what is so special about guy and girl best friends.

Friends, whether guys or girls, are a gift to us. True friendship is the best thing to happen to someone. So give a big shout-out to your boy and girl best friends and cherish them forever!


1. Can a boy and girl be best friends?

Of course. There are many girl guy best friends out there. Not all friendships turn into love stories. Some just have their own, unique path.

2. Can boy and girl best friends cuddle?

Sure they can. Cuddling is a great way to show someone you care and girl and guy best friends definitely do it.

3. Can two friends kiss on the lips?

Well, in most cases that is an indication of a friendship turning into something a little more, but you do you!

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