10 things happy couples do that others don’t

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Have you seen a happy couple and wondered what makes their relationship tick? You know the kind of couples who can’t keep their hands off each other, steal glances in a room full of people and smile, confide in each other, lift each other, speak of one another with respect and love, and are just genuinely grateful to be together. It’s not that their relationship does not have its share of problems or up and lows. The difference lies in the things happy couples do to survive the lows and ride the highs. This difference is what sets them apart and frees the relationship from grudges resentment and bickering.

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10 Things Happy Couples Do Differently

When any two people come together to share their journey, it all begins with a promise of a happily ever after. Yet, so many couples either decide to part ways somewhere down the line or continue to live together in unhappiness. That’s because relationships play out to be fulfilling and challenging in equal parts. Staying happy as a couple involves facing the challenges head-on without growing out of sync with each other.

To be able to do that you need to work on cultivating a rock-solid bond and strengthening it every single day. Here are 10 things happy couples do to make that happen:

1. They stay truthful

Few things mar a relationship the way lies and secrecy can. Of course, every person is entitled to their privacy but privacy and secrecy or lies aren’t the same thing. One of the things successful couples do without a doubt is staying truthful in the relationship. There are no skeletons in their closets that can sabotage the relationship. No matter how awful or hurtful the truth, they have the spine to share it.

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2. They communicate

If you look at happy couples and their relationships closely, the one clear differentiating factor will be their commitment to strong communication. Happy couples don’t hesitate in communicating their thoughts and feelings to one another, no matter how uncomfortable the conversation makes them feel.

From talking about an ugly fight to discussing a stressful situation at work, from admitting their faults to letting the other person know that they respect their point of view even if they don’t agree with it, these couples can discuss anything and everything under the sun with honesty. There is no room for sweeping things under the carpet.

3. They don’t compromise on loving touch

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A loving touch can go a long way in keeping the connection between two partners strong, and that’s why it’s not just one of the things happy couples do but prioritise. Holding hands when walking down the street, a light peck on the forehead before heading out for the day, hugging each other just because, spooning together in bed – these gestures help strengthen the connection between two partners.

A touch doesn’t always have to be sexual. It can also be a display of affection.

4. They have eyes only for each other

If you’ve been wondering what do happy couples do differently, then this is something to pay attention to. Couples that are happy and content in their relationship have eyes only for each other. They flirt with each other, not others. That’s because they don’t need fleeting attention from a third person to boost their egos or validate their feelings.

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5. They focus on the good

The mantra for staying happy as a couple is to focus on the good to weed out the bad. So, among the things happy couples do is sticking to their commitment for looking for the good in their partner and their relationship rather than focus on all that’s wrong and be steeped in resentment and unhappiness. Even when the going gets tough, they focus on the good time they’ve shared and draw strength from it to better the relationship. Seeking revenge, getting back at their partner or holding grudges has no place in a happy relationship.

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6. They don’t sweat the small stuff

Let’s say a couple is hosting a party for their friends, and one of them decides to barbeque but the outcome isn’t exactly up to the mark. While the instinct would get into bickering and arguing over it, partners in a happy relationship will focus on the effort and intent rather than the outcome. The dry, chewy barbequed meat can be replaced but the hurt and damage caused by harsh, stinging comments can last a long time.

Not sweating the small stuff is definitely among things happy couples do and their relationship is stronger for it.

7. They do stuff together

The key to staying happy as a couple is finding ways and means to spend more time together to strengthen that bond. That’s why happy couples make an effort to do stuff together. Be it working out, pursuing a hobby, travelling, or simply binging Netflix over the weekend, their plans always involve each other. These things happy couples do together comes naturally to them, as they find happiness in each other’s company.

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8. They’re each other’s biggest support system

Another important ingredient for a happy relationship is support. That’s why being supportive of each other’s hopes and dreams becomes one of the non-negotiable things successful couple do. Whether one partner wants to quit their job to pursue a passion or the other wants to pursue a degree to build on their career or one of them wants to quit to raise a family, couples who share a strong bond don’t berate each other’s ideas no matter how scary or outlandish they sound. Instead, they become each other’s biggest support system in such scary, uncertain times.

9. They respect each other

Respect in relationships is essential for it to thrive and blossom. Yet, respect between partners is often hard to come by. Disrespect, derision or judgement, especially from one’s partner, can adversely affect self-esteem. This can, in turn, lead to resentment in the relationship. So, what do happy couples do to stay that way?

Simple, they respect each other unconditionally.

10. They forgive

Forgiveness in relationships is underrated. People who find their happy place in one another understand that. That’s why forgiving each other is one the things happy couples do, conscientiously, consistently and truly. They learn their lessons from the past, they accept their mistakes, they forgive and move on, focussing on a better tomorrow.

When you look at happy couples and their relationships, you can tell that they do all of this – and much more – effortlessly. That’s because, after years of practice, it now comes naturally to them. Any couple can make their relationship a happy place, as long as they’re with the right person and willing to do the work.

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