Things a happy couple does that others don’t

A happy couple is not a myth. Two people with contrasting likes, dislikes and view-points can also be very happy in each other’s company. And well, there are some things that only a couple can do together.

Travelling is, in general, an experience for life. A couple that travels together, stays together! It helps the two individuals to bond with each other while also having a fun, enjoyable time discovering all that this beautiful world has to offer. 

There are a handful reasons why travelling is great for a happy couple

  1. While discovering the new places, you also end up discovering each other. There is no way you can know someone entirely. There’s always so much more to a person and its always exciting getting to know each other’s quirks and traits while you’re globe-trotting like absolute nomads.
  2. Travelling keeps your wanderlust satisfied as well as keeps the sparks of romance burning and alive. You become eager and look forward to jumping on your next trip as soon as you can with your lover, your best friend, your confidante.
  3. There’s no better therapy than travelling and wandering to new places. Travelling to nearby places wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket as well as seem like a very cheap couple therapy for the two of you.
  4. You not only find a life partner but also a travel buddy who’ll share or perhaps even carry your burden. Quite literally!
  5. Best of all, you get to make so many memories with the love of your life. One day you’ll be seventy and wrinkly but oh-so-happy while recounting the adventurous and romantic travelling tales of your life to your kids.

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