Things I learnt working at a relationship portal

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If the couple relationship website where I work could be compared to a home, then I can say that I’ve swept and mopped the floors, unclogged the toilets, climbed the stepladder to remove the odd cobwebs, hung up a few paintings, rearranged the furniture numerous times, as the home expanded from a humble 1 BHK to a 10 BHK in a year’s time.

What I learnt working hands-on at a dynamic workplace

Having joined in March ’17, the one year of handling different roles at the portal was a thrilling experience which taught me a few things along the way. Here’s some of what I learnt at the website-

    1. Angry Emails: Nine times out of ten when someone sends in an angry e-mail, it comes from a place of hurt. One out of ten times, it is due to arrogance

    1. Relationships and men: Men don’t read articles on relationships
    2. Affairs: Almost every woman in an affair with a married man believes that the man loves her truly, is unhappy in his marriage, that his wife is a bitch, his married life is sexless and that the affair will have a happy ending
    3. Senior writers: Sometimes, even the most senior writers can be lazy, whiny and unprofessional
    4. The Mommy worker: Nothing, no degree or work experience, can compete with a mother who has the fire in her belly to prove herself to herself, after an agonisingly long, brain numbing baby break

    1. Sex: Articles on sex get way more hits if the cover image is of a woman in lingerie, lying on a bed, looking seductively at the camera
    2. How dare you! : People who express outrage on FB on the weekly articles on ‘affairs/cheating’ never type out one word of appreciation for the numerous positive, uplifting and progressive pieces that go out through the rest of the week

    1. HTML: ‘ ’ is one non-breaking space
    2. Twitter celebs: Folks who become famous on twitter are called “Twelebs”
    3. Plagiarism: Experts, senior writers, freshers – anyone can send in plagiarised content – repeatedly. Even after they’ve been informed why the first piece was rejected

  1. LGBT: There are a LOT of gay people out there
  2. The glass ceiling: Women can help women break the glass ceiling. So can men

A hands-on stint at a dynamic workplace in an emerging niche can teach one a lot. As for me, my learning is rudimentary, the journey is thrilling and the experience priceless.

First published in Sparrowtimes

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