Things Men should know about Women’s Vagina

The video discusses some things a man should know about a woman’s vagina.

Men often complain that they find it difficult to understand women. Women are not as complicated as their bodies might be especially their vagina. Women’s vagina is not just for sex, there are more functions.

Women’s bodies are different than that of men. Women have vaginas for sex and urethra for peeing.

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There are some facts about vaginas that every man should know. If you understand these things about a vagina you will understand a woman’s body better. It will also help you to learn how to become an amazing lover, passionate in bed.

Facts about women’s vagina you should know to become a good lover

You must have an insight into your partner’s private parts as well if you want to take the romance to the next level in your relationship. Unlike men, women’s body parts are quite complex and confusing, so you need to understand it completely.

This is to all the male readers if you want to become great at sex and a good lover you have to understand every vagina is different. This means you can’t have sex with every woman the same way. There will be a difference!

Myths and Facts about Vagina

The word vagina still remains a taboo in our society.

There are many myths that seem to surround the vagina, For example, you might have read on the internet or heard people saying that the hymen first breaks only during the first intercourse and it can grow back if you don’t have sex for a long time. But the reality is, the hymen can break anytime, it might be during your periods or when you are involved in any sporting activity and hymen can’t grow back.

So, here we have a list of facts worth knowing about a woman’s vagina.

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