Things to remember when you are having steamy shower sex with your partner

hot man and woman taking shower together

Wet and wild

As Dean of the popular TV series ‘Supernatural’ says, “The shower sex – that’s complicated. Hell ain’t complicated.” Shower sex is slippery and risky if you don’t do it right. You don’t want your shower sex to end up in an accident or hurting your partner unintentionally.

If you keep a few things in mind, shower sex can be memorable and a thing to cherish. Taking the following precautions can assure safety for you and your partner.

  • Use birth control pills, condoms may not be the best option in this case
  • Keep your delicate parts away from a hot shower
  • Find solid ground so that you don’t slip and fall
  • Wash off the soap before you put things in your mouth
  • Watch out for the eyes

Now that you have taken precautions, you can go ahead and enjoy an evening of steamy shower sex with your partner. Hold on to your partner tight and sail the seven seas. These memories that you build with your partner are going to last forever. Remember that when it comes to shower sex is not just about penetration, it is more about exploring each other and being intimate. So don’t go into shower sex with a single-minded agenda. Shower sex can also be the beginning or end of an elaborate sexual evening.

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May the force be with you

Make the water your friend, use it for foreplay. Tease your partner with the hand shower, embrace each other under the top shower or explore each other in a tub. You are limited only by your imagination. Watch the skin glisten underwater, work it up smooth with soap, feel the silk, soak in the aroma, a lot can be done with the force of water and proximity of your partner.

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Eat organic

Sit on the edge of the tub and see your partner rise from the water like a fantasy. It will blow your mind out. Go down on your partner and eat up, it’s organic. It’s good for your health and it is even better for your partner. Eat till your partner is wasted and wants to return the favour.

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Cross legged championship

Cross and lock your legs with your partner’s while you kiss each other under the open shower. Rub your genitals against one another. Better still, you can use your hands. Caress the water soaked body of your partner, explore every slippery nook and corner and then invade their private parts. Experience the cold water running down the warm body parts while your partner whimpers under your touch.

Doggy style

Doggy style is not only popular in the bed room but also a shower sex favourite. Let the recipient partner bend down with the other to their back. Put your hand on your partner’s hips and slide in to the sleek shiny back. Watch water tickle down your partner’s body while you enter them and push it in hard.

Sit and glide

Seat yourself on the toilet and let your partner ride you. Whether it’s a lap dance position or whether your partner is sitting with their back towards you, you can let your partner ride your hardness to maximise pleasure. In a shower you don’t need a lubricant, water does it for you. You just glide in and out with the velvetiness and ease.

Remember sex is about intimacy and emotional connection. Be there for each other in battling the waters while the urge to devour one another makes you lose your senses. And keep things interesting.


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