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Things single women in their 30s are tired of hearing in India

Single women in their 30s don’t need your suggestions about how to live their lives
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The everyday struggle of being a single woman in your 30s

‘Able-bodied women’ is not familiar or accepted in India, neither in law or in the society. Women can go into space, but in general their life is not considered complete unless they are married and have kids. A single woman of 30 may become the CEO of a multinational company or a world-renowned actress, but would still be considered lacking.

But don’t get me wrong; India is a progressive country. At least it was, until a few years ago. Unlike America and England, in India woman didn’t have to fight for their voting rights: We always had universal suffrage. Domestic violence laws and marriage laws have always been in favour of women, unlike most countries in the world. Women have an equal right to work and equal right to property which is ensured by the constitution. Women’s education is facilitated
by a number of scholarships and fellowships provided by the government.

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“Having another woman in one’s life is part of success,” her husband reasoned

They are a couple and there’s me. Yet our three-way relationship works!

What’s the big deal about masturbation?

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  1. Woman have to survive a lot in this society. Yes that is true. But the things mentioned here also happen with us, the boys. At 30. if we are not married, we find ourselves stuck amidst an ocean of questions. QUITE RELATABLE to me

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