Things you will hear if you have a blogger partner

Being one myself let me tell you a couple of perks and downers about dating bloggers. For one, it is a privilege to date bloggers, as we are just plain awesome. *typed the blogger burning the midnight oil with a tab opened that is running cute cat videos, and munching on a granola bar*

Okay, on a more relevant note, this is going to be a fun and relatable read for the ones who are dating a blogger, or for the bloggers dating the muggles. For others reading this, it is a lesson in learning. So let us begin, shall we?

“Wait another minute… I cannot miss the time bracket. You carry on I will join you in a bit”

Her social media clock is a ticking bomb. Please understand that it is not always sheer vanity but the need to get a post enough attention to boost her blog. What is mostly misconstrued as a hobby in passing is a viable market in growing, so your partner if dedicated to the blog’s performance will be very particular with her social media timing. But you can always try keeping him or her connected to real time.

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bhumi pednekar

“Don’t eat that! Let me get the light first”

Yes, that is often times heard, even from your everyday social media enthusiast. But a blogger, especially a food blogger, will not immediately dig into that perfectly plated squid in its own ink. There will be very serious angle adjustments. If your blogger bee really loves you, you will be given the respected spot of the light man. After an ethereal shot of your dinner, be assured you will not mind the hours that turned your food stone cold because you have not seen a happier person than a blogger who just nailed the next blog post.

Alia bhatt in dear zindgi

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“Can you help me select the perfect picture?”

You are at the editor’s table of a film that was shot by a free spirit. Your blogger in all probability has gone ballistic with the creatives and given you a folder containing more images than you could ever click. Your prestigious position now demands that you select the perfect one, as your blogger keeps rejecting your first hundred choices. You will soon enough reach your decision made solely by you of course but by now your body has degenerated. Well, on a more serious note it is kind of cute to help create the blog alongside your partner like you are the secret associate.

“Do you mind giving this a read?” *2 minutes later* “Like, right now.” *hovers until you do*

Relatable much? Guilty as charged, I myself have put my roommate through this unjust demand. I consider it his responsibility to read every word carefully and give me a constructive critique of it. Is that too much to ask? Yes, it is; but does that stop me? No. So imagine being in a romantic relationship with the likes of such. They wait for your comments: positive or negative, it does not matter because the breed that is from the blog creed is easily encouraged. So we are collectively sorry for holding you in such high esteem, but please allow us to grant you the privilege of the first read.

checking phone

“Thank you so much”

Yes, they recognise your unfailing support. It is immensely tiring to be a blogger and they understand the even more challenging job of being a full time cheerleader of the same. Love in the end finds its voice, no matter who your partner is or what your profession is. In the bigger picture, this fine print does not count when two people are in sync. So, if you have done as much then you shall get the extra bit of gratitude for being there despite the heavily competitive and uncertain scope of blogging.

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