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Things women wish their partners understood about their sexuality

Sexuality in women is as occult or ethereal as the dew in the mornings. Women are complex and sometimes find it difficult to articulate their sexual needs when compared to men.
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Understanding the female psyche when it comes to sexual pleasure

In most relationships the main cause of friction is sex. While it may be the be all and end all in the early days, soon little fissures start showing causing minor rifts and mini sulk sessions.

While male sexuality is an established fact and a birthright in our societies, females are supposed to have none or minimal sexuality. This is in fact a gross negligence, which makes marital rape and abuse a matter to be shoved under the carpet. Women wish their mates could be more understanding and men wonder what they could have done wrong. Here are some tips to remember when and what can really make your woman’s sexuality sing.

1. Women need a bit of a headstart to engage in the mood

I just made love to my wife, and she attempted suicide the next minute – what did I do wrong cried my 45-year-old boss!

Youth is a crazy thing, and we do enjoy the corner quickies and tabletop sex. As we grow older and have kids, dinners and absconding maids that occupy our mind space, we need to be given fair warning that you are in the frisky mood. It could be as innocuous as a longing look, a note of sweet nothing stuck to the fridge door, or a bunch of roses just like that! Men have to start thinking beyond their own needs.

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