This couple used what they learnt as kids to keep their marriage intact. Can you guess?

Pillow fight couples

My husband is a punctual fellow. Every day he wakes up at 7:00 am, takes a bath, wakes me up and then starts his daily routine – starting from preparing breakfast in the kitchen to getting ready for office and leaving at 10:00 am sharp. I’ve got used to this routine and every morning I wake up groggily, pack a lunch for him, have breakfast with him because he likes it and bid him adieu, when he makes it a point to give me a peck on my cheek without fail.

The fight begins

Working through the day, I wait for him patiently and exactly at 7:30 pm a doorbell rings. He, like a mechanised robot, starts freshening up, has a light snack and after that…. starts the beating. Sometimes this starts after the dinner, but it happens every day…

It is a medium for him to relax. After this, I go back to the kitchen, make dinner where he joins me. What do I do to calm myself after the beating session? I beat him up too… Yes, and I love to beat the hell out of him.

Though this looks like a story of domestic violence, I assure you, all is well. This is the story of two crazy souls who are mad enough to have fights similar to the ones we had when we were all children, those childish fights when scratches and bruises were all just a part of the plan.

This couple used what they learnt as kids to keep their marriage intact can you guess
This couple used what they learnt as kids to keep their marriage intact can you guess

The daily humdrum

Living in a metro city far from our families and friends, we didn’t have many friends to socialise with and party. My husband too missed his guy league every day and it was getting on our nerves. Alone, surviving and stuck in a job in a metro city, he would usually enter home like a tired dog, drained of all his energies and end up falling asleep just after eating.

Mornings too were hectic and monotonous, so much so that we never had any time to talk to each other. The only time we had was when he returned from work and tried to relax while I made tea and snacks for him. And then we would talk for half an hour or more and then the routine would drag us back again.

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After the honeymoon

As a couple, two souls get bored after the initial excitement of marriage fades, and then comes a long phase when conversations dry up and you end up talking to your soul mate only about all the mundane stuff – bills to pay and grocery to buy. We too had become boring and the need to socialise and have a friend was taking its toll on us, too. The whole routine made me irritated and soon I started shouting for no apparent reason.

One fine day, during our routine quarrels and shout sessions, nerves took over and I got hold of the closest thing I had and threw it at him – that turned out to be a pillow. For a minute we both stared at each other. And he responded there and then – he picked up another pillow and slammed it into my face so hard that my specs got dislodged. And that started a new and interesting phase in our relationship: the one with amazing midnight duels.

Let the duel begin!

We both held a pillow each and started slamming each other with full force, until we got tired and the pillows too, needed replacement. That night we ordered pizza and no one entered the kitchen. In a matter of days, our house turned into a complete fortress of pranks and childish war games where we would challenge each other for duels, fights, thumb wrestling matches, Android games and what not. The loser would treat the winner to ice cream and this way we ended up making our lives much more exciting.

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We still don’t have much to talk about on a daily basis and only keep up with each others’ schedules, but in the end these amazing duels have helped us much better than any counselling or advice we ever had. Because now we aren’t bored with each other. We end up scheming up a new prank or find different ways to trouble each other in an amusing way, making our lives more interesting and better than before.

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