This Indian couple shares some epic insight on love marriages on HONY

The well-known photojournalist and founder of Humans of New York Brandon Stanton shared an epic post about a old couple from Jaipur on his immensely popular Facebook page last night and had us completely beat. Stanton is currently touring India and has been sharing personal stories of people from Mumbai, Jaipur and Calcutta so far. As in all of his clicks of people of New York, he is sharing portraits of Indians that define the changing characters of the demographic and also its traditional values.

The Jaipur couple shares the classic explanation on Love vs. Arranged marriage

In India marriages can be arranged and have the potential to be successful, albeit no longer considered a sure-fire formula. The Jaipur couple’s opinion on what marriage is all about and what it is not resonates with a wide majority of the country’s older generation. You can read the full HONY post here –

Even when the decision of marriage is taken by seniors of the family in a pragmatic way, it’s no guarantee that the marriage will be a happy and successful one. Does that mean all love marriages can survive the hundreds of ups and downs that come along the way? Certainly not. While arranged marriages are results of practical and economically viable decisions taken by the families, in many cases couples stay in them even when they have gone sour because of various social pressures. Similarly, love marriages have their own set of challenges that get only harder to deal with as life goes on. It’s because any marriage, love or arranged, has its share of chaos. But no one should be forced to follow a certain type of marriage formula because it has worked for the previous generation. Whom to marry and why to marry that person is an individual decision that should be free from any long-standing notion.

Do you agree?

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  1. Writing from Finland, but raised in Italy. Yes, marriage should be an individual decision and I think that even if we’d go with arranged/pragmatic marriages, social conventions have changed so much that they wouldn’t last anyway.
    Unfortunately the ugly truth is that the institution of marriage is kind of dying. People don’t have the resilience to stay married for all their lives. In Western World the society has shaped into an extremely individualistic one, so marriage is becoming a myth under these circumstances.
    I will try to educate my kids to value the sacred bond of marriage, but who knows if they’ll meet someone who values it just the same. You need two to make a marriage work (and even then, you need to be lucky with life circumstances).
    My point is that those who argue arranged/pragmatic marriage lasts long are simply living in the past generation. That’s not valid anymore. Personally I think it should be an individual choice but the family has a great impact through educating their children in respecting such bond.

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