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THIS is all I want to say…

Dear You,

In a world where men and women have become shallow, and thrive on others’ misery for their happiness, I want to thank you for being different.

I want to thank you for being sensible, sensitive and mature. For knowing what to say when, and most importantly, knowing how to say it.

Thank you from being able to tell right from wrong, and helping me understand the same. Thank you for helping me see myself clearly, when others’ judgement about me clouded my own. Thank you for helping me unearth my capabilities, and unknowingly push me to strive my hardest.

Thank you for being someone I will always look up to. Thank you for teaching me patience, and also, that love is not only about receiving- there is joy in giving.

Thank you for making me realise that the ego is useless, and pride worthless.

Thank you for making me understand that you don’t need specific reasons to love someone. You just do. Because they are meant to be loved. Loved for who they are. And not for the time they spend with you or the attention they are ready to shower on you.

Thank you for making me believe in magic – that people like you exist. Until you came along, I had only imagined that something close to perfection was restricted to fairy tales and movies.

Thank you for helping me overcome my weakness and making me strong.

Knowing that I will probably have to love and cherish you from afar makes me the strongest I have ever been. It’s hard to let go- but you made it easy for me.

So thank you for just being there. However brief, however short.



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