Thodi si jo pee-li hai: 10 people share what they drunk texted

Oops, did I really hit send?

We have all been there. We have all done that.

Do you check your phone with a massive hangover and are embarrassed about the WhatsApp you have sent, the nudes you almost sent to the random person? Or spilled the most sexual secrets to your sister rather than the colleague you have been flirting with? Drunk texting is not pretty and can have a lot of embarrassment in store for the next day.

People share the most embarrassing drunk texts they have sent.

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Cleared all doubts

Got drunk on a ladies’ night. My ex texted me and asked why we ever broke up. I was drunk and didn’t wanna have the conversation. So instead of “Talk later, I am drunk now”, I texted “Talk latr I drunk hoe”. Cleared his doubt about the breakup.

Drunk woman with glass of wine

Family accidents are not funny

Instead of sending a very sexually explicit text to Arjun (my ex), I sent it to Ajay (my maternal cousin). We avoided each other at family occasions after that.

Too drunk to think

I was in Pune for a week and am from Chennai originally. Met up with a person from Chennai. While in Pune, got drunk and texted him “Come over” which he did the next morning. But I had already left for Chennai the next day. I got cussed a lot and was never spoken to.

Cocktail party
Friends in cocktail party


“Thought this ripped abs is you” – Sent it to my boyfriend, before cheating on him with another person. The text was sent at 2:30 in the morning after I decided to go home with this other fellow. Needless to say, we broke up soon after that.

Daddy issues

A friend of mine sent “Papa will know I am drunk af” to a friend named Meenu. Her mother’s name was also Meenu.

Papa got to know about the drunk bit from mother Meenu.

Twin problems

There were twins in our college. Both were cute. One night after getting drunk, I texted one of the twins “I could totally do you” followed by “I don’t really care which one of you is this, but man I would get on top on either of you.”

Women confused after too much wine
Women confused after too much wine

Pregos? No thanks.

Sent a WhatsApp voice note to a friend of mine “Hey baby. Let’s get you pregnant?”

Turns out it was an old school teacher of mine.

Drunk man at bar counter
Drunk man at bar counter

Rudely dealt with

I get super rude when drunk. I was in the phase where I was still hung up on my ex-boyfriend so whenever I got drunk, I would spew rude cuss words at him. Sent “Your penis so small, I never even felt it inside” to my current boyfriend instead of my ex. He had major performance issues after that.

Send nudes mishap

Wrote “Send nudes now” to my ex instead of the guy I was dating then. I woke up with a lot of dick and balls pics in my gallery.

young woman drunk in bathtub
young woman drunk in bathtub

Things to think about sex when drunk

“Do u wanna pour wax into my anus I do the same 2 u” – sent this to a friend of mine. She politely declined.


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