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You thought there was only one way your partner could cheat on you, didn’t you? Find out the truth.

Words like ‘cheating’ and ‘infidelity’ are the biggest nightmare of every couple. Some see it coming, knowing their partners and the signs too well; while for others it comes snowballing out of the dark. Whatever may be the case, the grim truth emotionally shatters the partners and has a number of negative impacts, ranging from short-term disillusionment about any kind of relationship to long-term depression and pessimism.

However, the bleakness about this phenomenon doesn’t end here. As if it was already not bad enough that your partner could cheat on you, you get to know there are ‘different ways’ he/she can cheat. Yes, the nightmare has its spawns.

You might want to start building your emotional guard up because here are the multiple ways your partner could be cheating on you.

#Forbidden sex

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The most common perception as well as phenomenon of cheating is when your partner builds a physical intimacy with someone else. Men usually take this form of cheating as a direct assault on their masculinity and sexual prowess. They might not recover from this scar and move on. Women, on the other hand, might not forgive their partners but show some degree of understanding if the sex had no strings attached.

#Emotional Cheating

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While sexual gratification might last as long as the heat of the moment, emotional cheating scars cut deeper into the heart. It is the heart that connects two people more than the body.

It begins with a harmless kind of friendship where you simply hang around. But gradually, you start sharing your intimate thoughts and start connecting – something you used to do with your partner but aren’t anymore. Your emotional bonding starts growing thinner with your partner and connects instead with this third person.

There’s a chance that because of emotional cheating your relationship is already dead and chances of recovery are slim.

#The Work Partner

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Partners often utter these sentences casually – “Oh, it is nothing! I just did some chattering with my boss over dinner.” “There is nothing to worry about, honey, we are just good colleagues at work.” But are they that simple and casual? When you start spending 12 hours a day at work, it is natural to look for friends to survive work life. But you need to keep a check on the position you are putting yourselves in. Have you started talking to them more than your partner at home? Are you feeling more at home with your work partner? Then, yes, you are cheating.

#Cyber Cheating


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Yes. Cheating can also happen over the Internet. Indulging in pornography, cyber sex, online dating and flirting when you are already with your partner, is a sign of cheating. This kind of cheating is difficult to detect as well as prevent, because that would mean infringing the private space of your partner. Many don’t consider it as a charge against cheating but just some random fun or pleasure. And if your partner tells you the same, then do not fall for it.

#Text Messaging or Chexting

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The seemingly innocent act of text messaging is also a form of cheating when your intention ‘how you doing’ or ‘can we meet’ has that of hooking up with someone. Chexting also includes sharing sexually explicit images or dirty messages with someone when you are in a relationship. Partners need to make sure that a casual text messaging doesn’t turn out to become a nasty habit. People generally don’t see it as a sign of cheating and moreover, the small private world of cell phones offers greater chances at hiding the indiscretion.

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