10 thoughts I have when I am drunk

Drunk? Check.

Head full of thoughts? Check.

More booze? Double check.

Being drunk removes all constraints on our mouths

If you are way too familiar with this, you have been as good as I have been. People need to understand that drunk ramblings are the most truthful versions of ourselves. All those exes and friends who disconnect your call when you drunk dial them after three bottles of whiskey do not seem to get how truthful you are and the truth is beautiful.

In the light of that statement, let me also point out that the drunk thoughts going on inside our heads are even more versatile. There is absolutely no cohesion in the thought process and anything, anything, seems like a good topic of discussion. Well, considering that, we have compiled the most random things we think about when drunk. Surely you can relate to some of them.

 Me and my drunken mouth

1.  “God, I am so horny.”– Surely, if you are going through a dry spell, it is bound to come up more than once.

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2.  “I am so drunk. I need to throw up.”– You wanted to have a quick drink with your buddies and leave early but you underestimated the power of peer pressure and one drink turned to five and throwing up did not sober you up one bit.

3.  “Oh great. My husband has passed out. Again!” – The person you were looking forward to having a drunk rambling contest with is drunk and passed out.

4.  “Why is everybody so loud?”– Not even realising you are loudest of them all.

Thoughts which comes when you are drunk
Thoughts which comes when you are drunk

5.  “Did I just say that? Or was it in my head?”– The fifty bucks question is often answered with repeating what you have already said.

6.  “I love my man.” – The aww moment.

quick bite

7.  “I need to sleep” – Yeah, you have been thinking that for some time now, but even with drooping eyes, you cannot bring yourself to move your legs. And after this, dancing seems like a good way to wake yourself up.

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8.  “I need to pee. I need to throw up too. Which one should I do first?” – Almost every time, both the things go hand in hand.

Thoughts which comes when you are drunk
I need to pee

9.  “Why am I crying?” – Ah, the emotional breakdown over a long lost love, or the fact you were not allowed to keep a dog when you were five. All unhappy memories keep flooding back when your head is clouded with alcohol fumes. And sometimes, you cry tears of happiness, too.

10.  “Ooh, pizza. I want some pizza. I want sex too. Oh, pizza on sex would be a great food” – For the crazy pizza lovers, it is more than often than after boozing like the Vikings, you crave pizza and won’t rest till the entire gang moves their bottoms to the nearest Pizza hut.


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