Thoughts every man has before proposing!

Man proposing

When a man thinks about marriage, it is a sure-shot sign that he has been taking her pretty seriously. But how many of us think about how the man feels while proposing to the lady love of his life? He must be going through a series of thoughts while thinking of it and her parents too. There must be a charade of thoughts running on his head and given to the nature men are, they cannot share it either. So, here are a few thoughts the love of your life must be having while proposing to you:

1. What if she rejects me?

This is the first thought that enters a man’s mind when he thinks about proposing to the girl. Yes, you guys have been in a relationship for long but that does not mean she has to say a yes. There are chances that she must have not thought of taking it forward or she is not ready for marriage yet.
Tip: Rejection is fine, it will take time to move on but eventually you will. Just do not go after the girl, pestering her to accept you.

Couple on date
Fear of rejection

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2. Financial stuff

How will we be dividing the finances? What if she doesn’t want to divide the finances equally? What if her parents do not agree to the expenditure? How will we divide the finances after marriage? Which departments can she handle properly? All these are just few thoughts that a man has about finances even before popping the big question.
Tip: You guys will do fine with the finances, just sit down and talk!

3. What about her parents?

After the entire thought of proposing to her is cleared, the next thought is about her parents. How will her parents react? What if they say a no to this wedding? Will they have issues with me being a non-vegetarian? What if they are not okay with my resume and my qualifications? What about the salary, will they be happy with it?
Tip: They are your in-laws and not your boss, so chill!

4. Elaborate wedding or court marriage?

You both may come from different backgrounds and even if you come from the same backgrounds, there will be so many rituals that may not be similar. That is okay; if you both decide that you will go ahead and handle all the hassles smoothly then go for an elaborate wedding. If you think that the problems will be pretty big that both of you cannot handle then go for a court marriage. Whether an arranged marriage or love, issues will be there always.
Tip: Discuss through every ceremony with both the set of parents. They always have the best advice in store.

Elaborate wedding or court marriage

5. Does she even love me?

This must be either the first question or the last, after every ceremony is planned and the invitations are sent out. Then you will start remembering about all the fights that you had once, you will make a list of all the differences you both have. You will find out reasons of why this marriage cannot work and then wonder about all the invitations that are sent out.
Tip: These are just pre-wedding jitters. Also, congratulations, you have successfully made it through all your fears!

There are several other thoughts that a man can go through even before asking the big question. Men are pretty complex creatures, as complex as women. They have hearts too and go through the fears too just without letting you know!


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