Affair and Cheating

Through Hell, but BACK!

The anguish that an affair brings, to both the cheat and the cheated, results in lifelong bitterness, and often, a separation. But some people look beyond the obvious and rebuild their lives with hope
Eye with Emotion

I am a 40 year old businessman. My father was in the army and my mother used to be a housewife. My father, a strict disciplinarian, somehow always made me feel inadequate, during my childhood and in later years. My mother was a very loving person who really took good care of me but I lost her after an illness. That’s when my much younger sister was sent to live with my aunt. My father, then in his 40s, was greatly admired for his decision not to remarry.

My father took premature retirement and started a business.  After college, I joined in. The business of making me feel inadequate continued even at work.

I felt better when I got married. We had a great courtship and felt we were genuinely in love. I always felt we were a match made in heaven. She is a professional, much more confident than I am. She used to always motivate and pep me up. We had a nice time in bed too.  I always tried to help her achieve satisfaction whenever we had sex.

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