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Till My Lover Finds Me


He doesn’t like me in that way

But he was staring at my chest

As I stared at the rain

Outside the window

And what made him cuddle me

When I dozed off next to him?

You know, I don’t like him in that way too

But I like to stare at his derrière

And sometimes sneak a peek at his crotch


I am his good friend

Then why did he touch me there

As he rolled his tongue

Through my neck

Only to be shy and desert me

When I tipped in his arms?

You know, I don’t think friends do that

But I savoured his shoddy moves

And the taste of his lips on me, the whiff of his sweat


They said he is not that into you

Then why did he press me to his heart

When disheartened I cried

As I told him my traumatic tale;

Why did he care

To make me smile as I got sad?

You know, I am not that into him either

But I loved to stroke his inner thigh

As he consoled me in his tender embrace


I have to now move on

He won’t reciprocate, so you are my second best

Though, I can’t feel your weight on me

Or your breath when you are close to me

Can’t even get a heart-beat from you

You taste bitter, smell of rubberized plastic

You know, your vibration is too much, too quick

But oh sweet dillido, behold my libido

Till my lover finds me


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