These are the 10 times when I miss my long distance partner the most

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Being away from the love of your life

Instead of dressing up for romantic dates you put your nice clothes on for the weekend Skype dates. Instead on cuddling in your BAE’s arms on lazy afternoons you browse their old pictures on your phone. You miss spending quality time together on the big days like anniversaries, birthdays, valentine days, festivals, and the list goes on.

Sure being in a long distance relationship is rewarding if a couple can stay motivated through it all. Sure the time when you are actually together feels more exciting than meeting each other every day in a no-distance relationship. But there are times when not seeing your BAE in person pains more than usual.

If you are in a long distance relationship yourself we are sure you can relate to these 10 moments when you miss not being together the most.

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1. When you want to be together after a long day

Some days end on a sour note and you come home completely worn out. On days like these you’d want to have pizza for dinner, some chilled beer to chill with your BAE on the couch and fall asleep in their arms. But in reality, they are not even a local phone call away!

2. When you see other couples doing annoying couple stuff

In the park, in the canteen, in your neighbourhood, in the shopping malls, on Facebook – the world is filled with couples doing annoying couple stuff together. Like holding hands, sitting on the same table looking at each other, taking random mushy selfies together, sharing ice-creams etc. And here you are sending ‘I miss you’ texts to your long distance relationship (LDR) partner.

3. When miscommunication leads to an argument

One of the biggest struggles of being in a long distance relationship is miscommunication. Thanks to technology, you can now stay connected through texts, phone calls and video chats, but when important conversations don’t happen face to face, the chances of misinterpretation increases because it’s difficult to understand the other’s tone and expression over a technological medium of communication. It leads to fights and the fights get nastier when the distance is so huge.

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4. When I have good news I want to share it in person

Instead of jumping in joy with your BAE and celebrating, in a LDR you have to decide which mode of communication feels more intimate and wait for them to come online.

5. When something bad happens

In a LDR you don’t get to feel the reassurance that the physical presence of your BAE would bring, you don’t get a hug and there is no one to cheer you up with flowers and chocolates.

6. When something funny happens

When you see two squirrels kissing or when your cat makes the cutest purr, your BAE is not around for you to share the joy or the hilarious moments.

7. When nothing happens

On days when nothing significant happens and you feel bored to death and your partner is not there with you to cheer you up. It sucks!

8. When you fall sick

Be it a simple cough, cold or period cramps, not having him around to feel the warmth of his embrace is the worst part of being in a LDR.

9. When he falls sick

It hurts even more when he is unwell and you are not there to take care of him. All you have got are the worries and an itchy hand to WhatsApp him for hourly updates on his health.

10. When my hormones spike and all I have got is Skype

Let’s face it, not getting filled up when you desire is the worst thing that can happen to a couple. You can help yourselves with cybersex, but Skype is not an alternative to real love making, is it?
Are you missing him even more after reading this? Go Skype now!

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