Tinu Verma: “I worked hard to restore harmony in my marriage after my affair with Mamta Kulkarni”

Tinu Verma

When award-winning Bollywood action director Tinu Verma’s wife Veena walked out on him, he realised that he had to save his marriage. Eventually, it did survive. Tinu Verma’s affair with actress Mamta Kulkarni was much talked about in Bollywood but he realised his foll when his wife left home. Their marriage finally survived.

What was the secret of its survival? Find out from the couple themselves.

In this in-depth interview Veena and Tinu Verma tell us how they mended their marriage

What happened when you walked out on your husband?

Veena: I felt hopeless. So one day I bought the ticket and boarded the flight to go back to Jaipur, my hometown. But for some reason, my bags were pulled out for special security screening and I was asked to get off the aircraft. On missing the flight when I reached home, my husband was shocked to know that I could take such a drastic step. That is when he realised that he could not live without me and promised to change his ways. My walkout acted as a catalyst in our relationship. Later I too felt that for the sake of the bond we had built I should give my marriage one more chance.

What contributed to the strong bond?

Veena: One of the reasons could be that we met when I was only 13. Both of us had fallen in love at first sight. I was only 16 when we got married. We had many happy moments together before the affair, which could not be wiped off just like that.

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What efforts did Tinu make to restore the peace and harmony at home?

Tinu: I started doing what normal husbands do …like taking Veena out for dinner, movies and going for holidays together, etc. I realised how I had neglected her while I was seeing Mamta. She used to crave my company and affection but I was not bothered. I had not fulfilled my basic duties as a husband, which I started fulfilling. Gradually our relationship improved. Since then I have seen to it that Veena is not deprived of domestic bliss. No husband should ever fail in providing this to a woman who sacrifices everything for him.

Did this episode affect your children? How did you handle it?

Tinu Verma with family

Tinu: Yes, the fights at home were taking their toll on the children. So we decided to send them to a boarding school in Panchgani. We visited them regularly in the two years of separation. Though we missed them, we felt it was better that way, as it kept them away from the ugliness of it all.

Veena: In Mumbai they were constantly plagued by other children in school who used to taunt them, as we were in the public eye. However, once they got back and saw the better atmosphere at home, the scars healed.

Both my sons have grown up to be responsible and affectionate boys. They believe in loyalty. Kapil, the elder one who is married, has proved to be a very loyal and affectionate husband. So is Abhishek, the younger one, whose value system is intact. The lure of glamour has not affected them.

Do you believe that it is always a woman who has to sacrifice the most for a marriage to survive?

Tinu: Yes. I can confidently say that our relationship has survived only because of my wife. Her sacrifices have been many. She has tolerated a lot of my idiosyncrasies. I will never forget the fact that even in her bad times she fulfilled her duties well on all fronts.


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  1. Nice read .Relationship should be like this only. It’s easy to break everything in a blink oh an eye. But glory is there- when you mend broken hearts with love, patience and dedication. My best wishes for this family.

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