To Walk With!

Walking on an empty road

It’s never easy to walk alone and it’s harder when someone left you in a middle of road. Moving on is never easy and it’s harder when you broke up with someone you loved with everything you had.

What people don’t understand is that giving lectures won’t help, it never did and never will. When people in love, they’re like light to each other’s lives. And when the other or the light leave, the only thing left is a person with darkness. No one loves to live in the darkness but it’s not easy to come out of it, to walk towards light, all alone.

Everyone will lecture or give advice to them to come or to walk towards light because it’s not good to live in darkness, and they don’t know that people living in darkness already know it’s not good to live in darkness because they are living in it, they know how hard and bad it is and if it was as easy as giving advice, they would’ve been out of darkness before listening to anyone’s lecture.

They’re tired and they’ve lost their hope of being better than what they’re right now. They’re so adapted to live in darkness, to live in solitude and now they’re afraid that coming into light will only cause pain to them. They’re scared of believing again, living in light again.

The only way to bring them back to light is to hold their hand and walk with them towards light. Make them believe that light is not bad, it was the person who pretended to be the light was bad. That they deserve better. Walk with them, help them. Just by saying, their trust won’t come back. Make them trust again, make them feel wanted again.

To get them back from darkness, be the light they deserve. Be the light of their life.


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