I told her that if she loves me she must sleep with me

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Hello Ma’am,

I just came to know that my girlfriend had been in another relationship since she was 12. Recently I even saw them together on his bike outside her college. So I told her we have to break up and that she should go back to him only. She cried on the phone that night and said that she can’t live without me. Next day at college she fell at my feet and then kissed me. She promised that she would leave him.

But she never went out anywhere with me. I asked her if she loved me or was doing time pass with me! So she agreed to go on a trip with me. On the trip we didn’t do anything beyond kissing. Another day, even after romancing for two hours she didn’t agree to sex. She made the excuse of having periods and left.

Her ex started keeping an eye on her in college and outside. So she began restricting meeting me or speaking to me on phone. I asked her why she is allowing him to hang around, is she cheating me? She said she is not cheating on me but he is hanging around on his own.

I asked her about sex. I told her that I am a virgin and so I am really eager. Once we have sex I won’t ask her for it again. We even tried twice but both times she refused. I got angry with her. She tried to call and meet me after that, but I avoided her and her calls. Then she stopped coming to college as it was her sister’s wedding.

I couldn’t wait. I called her up and told her that she doesn’t love me else she wouldn’t insult me like this! She said she loved me and said sorry. I told her, if you love me you have to sleep with me! She agreed. She said you do what you want but don’t stay far from me. But she is still in the village and didn’t come to college after that. She just speaks to me 15 minutes a day even when I call her 20 times daily. She doesn’t let me break up either. Keeps phone off for two days at a time. She says there is a power problem in the village. She didn’t rejoin college, says she is not well. She doesn’t come to the market when I call her. But I have seen her with her ex a couple of times in the market.

We have not spoken since. What does this girl want! I can’t understand.

Snigdha Mishra says:

Hello, young man!

Even I don’t understand what either of you wants.

What I am clear about is that she doesn’t want to sleep with you for sure!

Blackmail: You want her to prove her love by sleeping with you. Isn’t this equivalent to blackmail? ‘If you love me, prove it by sleeping with me.’


Break up: What do you mean when you say, she doesn’t let me break up? You wanna break up with her, please go ahead, no one is stopping you. She’s clearly not responding to you so why are you lingering?

What are you doing: Why are you so desperately pursuing her if you think she doesn’t love you? Also, what makes you think that she needs to sleep with you to prove her love to you?


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  1. Ashutosh Singh

    Oh my god!! You are stuck with a girl who is cheating on you.. Move out of this relationship.. It is gonna eat you. Believe me and get out of this. You will find yourself in a much better place.

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