Top 3 things to ‘do’ and ‘not do’ when you are in a relationship

Prakash Gowda
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So you have found the love of your life and you two have decided to journey your life together, well, congratulations! As much as we hate to burst the ‘happily ever after’ bubble, the truth remains that falling in love is the easiest thing to do, it’s staying in love which requires all your focus and attention.

So, here are the top 3 relationship green flags:

1. Communicate

This one tops our list hands down. Surprisingly, couples don’t talk to each other enough. Communication is a vital part of every relationship. The simple act of being open about what you really feel goes a long way in keeping the relationship sorted.

2. Spend quality time

Crazy work schedules are playing havoc with the personal lives of many of us these days. Time management is becoming increasingly difficult. Having said that, this is in fact, is the best time to bring in your best balancing act. Set aside some quality time for your partner. Grab a lunch together, catch the last show at least once a week, do anything, but do it.

3. Respect each other’s space and individuality

Remember you two are individuals. Both of you had a life before the relationship happened and you two must continue to have it after you get together too. Unwind with your friends and a bottle of chilled beer over a soccer game, and let her enjoy her share of ‘me’ time with her girl gang.

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Top 3 relationship red flags:

1. Be fair in your expectations

Undue expectations are destructive for any intimate relationship. Just because you are in a relationship, your partner is not obliged to fulfill all your wants. No partner can satisfy every desire of the other. Set realistic expectations for each other to avoid unnecessary disappointments and bitterness. Never forget that you both embarked on this beautiful journey together.

2. Don’t bring up the past

Chances are that by now, you know a lot about your partner, even some unpleasant events of her past. Do not use them as a weapon to win an argument. She has showed immense trust by confiding in you, don’t break it by bringing up those hurtful memories during times of stress or otherwise. Doing so will not only leave a deep scar on their mind but will also weaken the relationship.

3. Avoid the blame game

Blaming someone else for your own faults is very easy. Steer clear of this habit at the earliest. Even if your partner is guilty of something, try focus on their strengths instead. Playing the blame game will only increase the negative energy and worsen the situation further. Choose to appreciate the positives instead of constantly pointing out what’s wrong.

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