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Top 7 fantasies of a home maker

I set out to explore what could possibly be a home-maker’s fantasies and here’s what I discovered.
Vidya and Farhan

A homemaker’s fantasies

Homemakers have the craziest of lives and work schedules. Managing kids, handling everything under the sun and getting it in order while doing their own work, is a gruelling task. So, for a homemaker, certain fantasies do take root, and I set out to explore them.

My sister has been a homemaker for about 5 years now. She has a small boy and is living one of the best lives that she can, and she told me that this topic seemed very awkward to her. However, she also shared some things she thought would be great if they happened.

1. The little ones doing their studies by themselves

My nephew is in lower kindergarten, and he is a naughty little kid. However, when he does study he excels in anything he sets his mind to. My sister wants him to study on his own some days when she is busy cooking or just doing her work, and cannot give him the time of the day.

She wants him to work and get there by himself, and be good at whatever he sets his mind to.

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  1. Being a homemaker is a very difficult and time consuming career. Homemaking takes courage, strength, and dedication.

    But when will these fantasies get fulfiilled for a homemaker? Many women are looking forward to this….

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