7 Top Fears A Woman Has About Moving Into A Joint Family After Marriage

When a woman is marrying into a joint family she usually has endless thoughts most of which are not the best thoughts we must say. Every woman who marries into a joint family, whether she is from one herself or not, has a series of anxious thoughts about fitting in, being loved, being able to impress and being able to get the privacy she hopes for. How to live in a joint family? This is the primary question on her mind. What are the joint family problems for a girl? What is the joint family experience going to be like?

Joint families are unexpected. For people who grew up in small nuclear families, the whole thing can be very confusing. Adjusting in a joint family if you are from a nuclear family is not easy. However, at the root of every nuclear family is a joint family that got broken bit by bit. So, somehow joint families are these secure ancient places where “family” is still alive and well. And to some women marrying into a joint family, it turns out to be a bliss. 

7 Top Fears A Married Woman Has About Moving Into A Joint Family

However, as is with everyone who is going into new territories, you’re always a little scared. So, what are the standard fears that a girl from a nuclear family has about joint families? We asked this question to some of my friends who were marrying into joint families, and these were the things they said.

1. What if they don’t like me

Remember Two States? You marry the family you’re marrying into, in India. For my friend Sandhya, who was marrying her boyfriend of five years, her fear extended to the cousins and to the numerous aunts and uncles she’d have in the new house.

She smiled and told us that her boyfriend has peppered her with stories about how the family comes together during crises, but, she is afraid that she might not fit into the same mould. This is an old fear that the people in joint families know each other throughout their lives and you are basically this stranger coming in. They have a way of life and you have to constantly try to fit into that.

Not to worry though, the twenty or so odd times she visited his place in the past few months has left her happy. “They are friendly and welcoming, and even though I might not be automatic “One of them”, I feel like I am inching close,” said Sandhya. Joint family problems for a girl can turn out to be many but it entirely depends on how you handle it.

Mother in law with daughter in law
Family comes together during crises

2. Do I have the right skills?

If you met Sandhya five years ago, you would not recognise the person she is now. She was this person who had grown up bashful and alone without caring for people around her. It was a given of course since she lived alone with her mother since the age of 10. Ever since Abhishek walked into her life though, she became so much gentler.

We came into her home some months back and she was cooking one of the traditional Bengali dishes, singing along.

She tells me that she has been learning new things to impress her new family. However, she is understandably afraid of how it turns out at the end. We won’t say there’s no reason for it, because knowing her hubby’s family, they are pretty tightly knit and very sophisticated.

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She wants to fit into the puzzle pieces, and if that means learning new things, she would. She felt that she needed to hone her communication and adjustment skills because she had to know what to say where and how to adjust to what situation with so many people around. So she was trying to understand but she would know how much she has worked on her skills once she is thrown into the situation.

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3. What about privacy

Sandhya has never once updated her relationship status on Facebook. Her last status was four years ago when she was looking for her boyfriend (now fiancé). So, she has been fiercely protective of her privacy.

The fact that privacy may not be the highest priority in a house which has more than ten people at all times, is still scary for her. So, she is trying to adjust to the idea that her towel might be used by someone else very casually, but, she finds that hard.

In many joint families barging into your room at any time of the day for chit-chat is perfectly normal. Every time you are on the phone 5 people might ask you who is it? And if you have a male friend visiting, God helps you.

Privacy issue in joint family
Quite pertinently not having privacy is a true fear for anyone moving into joint families
And when you are back from shopping be prepared that from your bags, to your choice, to your inability to bargain, being dissected like the tummy of a frog at the dissecting lab.

Quite pertinently not having privacy is a true fear for anyone moving into joint families but setting up polite but firm boundaries from day one might help. And yes silent sex is not really what you should be doing all your life, maybe soundproofing your room would be a good option. But to think about it the joint family situation is not all that bad the way it is made out to be.

4. What if the romance doesn’t work out

One of my friends has been dating her boyfriend for a decade. One of her primary fears still is that after this phase of love is over, married life filled with all the people in his joint family might kill the romance.

“What if I step out of line and he falls out of love?” she laments often. We would put that up to simple obsession over Hindi serials, but, even Sandhya has the same fear. More people means more mistakes that you can make, and that is scary for any new bride.

But if the bond between the husband and wife is strong romance will always stay alive even within a joint family. Loss of romance is not really a fear that should trouble a bride no matter how many people are there in the house your relationship with your husband is very much your own. And you can enjoy intimacy and proximity to the hilt within a joint family system.

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5. Who do I call for help

Help in a two-person family is easy. You just call up the other person and get it done together. However, in joint families, it seems that everyone has their own roles. It took one of the people we interviewed, Riddhi, three years to figure out that all computer problems were not solved by the engineer cousin of her husband, but, the meek 25-year-old English graduate cousin.

She laughs about it now, but, she was afraid about it going into married life. She tells us, “When I was getting married and he would tell me stories, I was totally clueless about the nuances, and that scared me”

Add to that the underlying politics and tension within the family. You might innocuously ask help for cooking from one of your sisters-in-law and your mother-in-law could take offence because she believes she is the go-to person when it comes to cooking. You will make mistakes and learn. Don’t let the fear get to you.

6. How to cope up with all the family members

Riddhi also had a deep sated hatred for one of her future in-laws. This loud boisterous uncle had made several comments about her dressing sense that did not work well for her.

She was a fierce working feminist in a relationship with a journalist boyfriend, so, for her taking an insult was a big deal.

She tells us that what kept her up for nights in a row was this sinking feeling that she might not be the perfect bride in a family that has such an eclectic bunch of people.

cope up with all the family members
Cope up with all the family members

7. What to cook

Sandhya has never cooked for more than two people in her life. So, it is hard for her to cook for a bunch of people without thinking about it for ages. She told us that cooking is one of the pleasures in her lives, but, wondering how it will turn out with so many people, is hard for her.

So, that is it. Joint families can be scary, but, every one of the women we got to told us this one thing, that there’s more happiness than doubts in a joint family and that’s one thought we could go to bed with.


Readers Comments On “7 Top Fears A Woman Has About Moving Into A Joint Family After Marriage”

  1. Stories of fights between in-laws and newly married women are so widespread in our society and in soap operas that it has become more or less a stereotype that a woman will never get along with her in-laws or vice versa.

    But, these days, in-laws as well as the new bride or daughter-in-law make adjustments to keep the family happy and together. It’s not the only side but both the side need to make adjustments and then it works out.

    And yes, the pointers are too relatable. I never ever wanted to get married in a joint family but then now I am married in a joint family. I had many such fears but eventually, everything got in place. And I am really happy to get married here…

  2. “This loud boisterous uncle had made several comments about her dressing sense that did not work well for her.” Oh My God! I can totally relate to this.. It is just too much sometimes.. had one such “Uncle Ji” but I gave back good and strong.. Th only way is to find your voice and revert!

  3. So relatable! Privacy is a major issue.. My best friend got married into a joint fam and it was initially was really difficult to find time with her husband..Though, they eventually worked it out!

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