Top three annoying things people do after sex that put off their lovers

Aarti Pathak
Mistakes couples make after having sex

Sex is an intimate experience, most enjoyable when indulged in with the one you love. Beyond just pleasure, a happy sex life contributes heavily to making the relationship more fun and the bond stronger. There are long-term health benefits of sex beyond the obvious ones like exercise, improved sleep and overall happiness; a healthy sex life leads to lower blood pressure, improved heart rate and higher self-esteem.

Rajan and Minnu

Rajan Bhonsle and Minnu Bhonsle

Dr Rajan Bhonsle MD, a consultant in sexual medicine and counsellor and his wife Minnu R Bhonsle PhD, a consulting psychotherapist and counsellor run a unique therapy centre, Heart-to-Heart in Mumbai.

Couples actively address and resolve issues that could jeopardise the possibilities of having sex, but Mumbai based sexologist Dr Rajan Bhosle informs us there is another aspect that couples must remember. And that is what happens after sex! Sometimes people end up annoying their partner after the act! How? Here’s what the doc said.

Top three annoying things people do after sex that put off their lovers?

Social media addiction

Turns out, after couples are done being hot and frisky with each other, they cannot keep their hands off the mobile phones and remotes!

So right after what felt like ecstatic, heavenly mind blowing sex when a partner disconnectedly goes through their Facebook feeds or tunes in to a loud news debate on television – it leaves one wondering, did we or did we not just share anything amazing a few minutes ago?! Yes, this offence is turning into an epidemic and has hence made it to put-off number three.

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Absence of afterplay

Yes, afterplay is a thing too, just like foreplay… and you guessed it, this complaint comes mostly from women. Dr Bhonsle explains that for women, afterplay is just as important as foreplay.

Dr Bhonsle explains that for women, afterplay is just as important as foreplay.

It is a deeply emotional need which cannot be ignored; the need to be cuddled and held; made to feel loved after sex. It might not even be occurring to some men, who might be turning their backs and rolling off to sleep, leaving their partner feeling forgotten/used/unloved. It would be best to speak to your man about it, instead of sleeping night after night in disgruntlement. As for the men, a little sensitivity to the needs of afterplay goes a long way in not just improving your sex life or your lady’s moods, but also strengthens your bond with her.

Lack of hygiene!

Ew! Yes, something as basic as hygiene, not cleaning up after sex is understandably a huge turnoff for many partners. If your partner is grumbling about your post sex hygiene and/or your partner is wincing at the sight of you passing out on the bed immediately after sex, then yes you’re probably grossing your partner out. Let’s not forget the health hazard of turning yourself into a hotbed of infections that you could pass on to your partner. Take their grumbling and wincing seriously and do visit the washroom ASAP! It will bring huge relief to your partner, improve your sex life and most importantly, it’ll prevent infections as well.

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Urmimala Das March 4, 2018 - 8:14 pm

I am lucky in this matter.He never forgets to give a tight hug with a kiss. I don’t know why but I find him very emotional at that moment.

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