Transformed by love

couple in love

She was rude and brash and spoke her mind, without any care about the consequences. Love changed her, moulded her into a gentle soul who could empathize with others.

Sonali was a force to reckon with. She knew how to get her way around and did not think once before speaking her mind. People found her rude and ill-mannered but that was who she was. Her colleagues at office appreciated her work as she was efficient but kept at bay as she could reprimand anybody anytime for the slightest error. The environment she grew up in made her harsh. She had witnessed the powerful and the bold being heard and this made her imbibe the same characteristics to find her way in life. Her stance helped her through the ups and downs of life, confirming to her that she was on the right track.

Ravi joined her department a year later. Strangely, he liked her bluntness, a quality that was not appreciated by many. He liked how she could get away with whatever she wanted to. The two got along well. His straight forward and simple nature made Sonali like him a lot. Work assignments brought them closer and they soon fell in love. Being in love, Sonali gradually became loving and caring. Her harshness smoothened and made way for a gentle personality. Love transformed her over
time. She did not lose her confident self but she started empathizing with people. The change in her was being noticed and accepted too. She was surprised to learn over time that she could get through to people with a gentle approach too.

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