Trust is the mother of betrayal

It is often said and felt that the one we trust, with time changes and with that change, one day comes a point when he breaks our trust. He/she does some or the other thing which not only hurts us but also brings to us an experience, a lesson, a feeling, a feeling of being hurt, a lesson of being betrayed and an experience of a lifetime.

As we begin to trust someone, we start giving him/her more space in life, we start to give the person more importance and with time, he/she is the only one whom we feel emotionally attached and connected to. I had read a line which was written by a friend which read that “Do not give the key to your happiness to someone else.” That line still pinches me hard, to think and to understand how should each one around us gives our key of happiness to someone or the other in our lives. That key, I believe is one of the most valuable, more than the wealth of the world, because once that key rests with wrong hands, it can totally ruin one’s life and turn it into a living hell.

Trust, is like a glass. Once broken, cannot be mended without totally melting itself. Similarly, once someone breaks trust, it is not possible to mend it through superfluous ways. It melts the personality of the one who had suffered the hurt of betrayal. Betrayal only occurs once we start trusting someone. Slowly and gradually, that trust grows and similarly after a point of time, it starts to fade away. That might be because of loss of communication, or might be because one of them, starts to take the other one in a casual way, doing some deeds which might hurt the other one.

It might be a topic of discussion that without trusting a person it is not possible to live in this world. Because this world is of relationships, it is essential to trust the other one. And if one wants to feel love, it is essential to trust. What I say, is to judge a person before trusting and trust a person before loving. Do not be blind in trusting and loving the other one because you will be betrayed for sure if you give the key to your happiness to someone who does not deserve.

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