Turning Thirty

A phase of loneliness,

a thinning list of single men to know,

Time always stands still for a woman of thirty

Turning thirty is the new turning twenty…?

Being with teenagers seems to be too kiddy,

And being with elders seems too old to be your life

Ah! Good old! Am I turning thirty?

Wonders where all the excitement have got lost,

And now thinning enthusiasm and thinning hair.

Those were the days when creating mess was fun,

Now it all seems to be so very filthy

Feels like I am turning thirty

I used to like dance and party,

Now they seem to be teenage thing

Am I really turning thirty?

Used to have fights with my mother in the first flush of youth,

Almost everything I wanted to do, she had her reasons to deny

Not understanding her then left me in the terrible fury

Now I really see myself acting and looking like her

A whole new thing happens on turning thirty!


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