The Twists and Turns in Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s love story

I don’t think any true love story gets its ‘happily ever after’ easily. It takes years of struggle coupled with the will to not give up and of course a lot of patience. Kajol and Ajay Devgn’s real-life love story is one such story of true and honest love. The two had quite a crazy beginning. Kajol and Ajay Devgn’s marriage shocked quite a few. They have been through initial rumours about their relationship to their marriage being on the rocks to Kajol’s miscarriage and Ajay Devgn having numerous affairs, most of which were rumours though.

Their love has stood the test of the time

I have adored the couple since I saw them in the movie Ishq but have you ever wondered when and how this all started? Ajay was quite a ladies’ man and was that one hottie on whom every girl drooled. The man had such a charming personality that many co-stars fell for him. It is said that when Kajol and Ajay first started to see each other, he was supposedly dating Karisma. Eventually, of course, he ended up breaking up with her because he liked Kajol.

Kajol and Ajay Devgn’s real-life love story

The moment the two began to date, the media portals got a whiff of their relationship but they instantly wrote it off stating two reasons. One, Ajay’s track record of his past relationships and the second being the contrasting and contradicting difference in both Ajay’s and Kajol’s nature. Ajay was the perfect example of an introvert person and Kajol enjoyed being around people and sharing laughs with her friends. How was this ever going to work out?

Look now though… Watch the video to see from where they started to where they are now!


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