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Choli meri tang hogayi: The things women do for fashion

Nothing good comes easy in life. And the same goes for good looks!
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To make oneself look fitter or prettier always comes at a cost. Be it the hard work-out to lose those extra pounds or to sustain that beautiful smile despite the deadly high heels, women, at times, go through whatever it takes to stand out and shine. In the past too, there have been horrendous fashion trends like Crinolines, Foot binding, Neck rings or the Arsenic dress, the trends back then were not only harmful to health but have even recorded deaths. While good sense prevailed and these practices were stopped, even today, there are trends which are extremely uncomfortable and painful to women.

1. Skinny jeans

Not only is it hard to find the perfect pair, there is a good chance you won’t be able to enter into one after it is washed. The struggle of getting into one is just the tip of the iceberg. Skinny jeans became a huge hit after the fashionistas highlighted the size factor and women were almost hypnotised by it. Everyone wanted to be a ‘Small’ size and some even squeezed themselves into a smaller size, which ended up making them look fuller than before. Skinny jeans are not just visually painful on someone who does not have the right body for it, but also, women who do have the figure for it, face long term problems. It is extremely tight around the waist, hips and thighs which can affect the blood circulation in those areas, eventually causing muscle pain.

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2. Corsets

Corsets have been a fashion accessory since the 16th century. They have been used to mould the body in a certain shape for years together. It had become a regular accessory for most European and British women in the 18th century. Mostly worn as an undergarment, today corsets are styled as an outer garment too. While they undoubtedly give your body an hourglass figure, they are very painful to wear and once worn can be very uncomfortable. It is difficult to breathe in them and many women have fainted thanks to these body shapers. Another reason to avoid them is that they put a lot of pressure on internal organs like lungs causing breathing problems. Corsets were worn with the belief that they change the body shape permanently to make it slimmer; however, there is no proof of this.

3. High heels

High heels have been the one accessory every woman loves. Short women think it’s a blessing and women who are naturally tall also like to flaunt them as they are very chic and add in to the style quotient. Models and actresses walk wearing these beauties for hours together without once showing how much they actually hurt. Wearing heels not only shifts your body weight towards the ball of the foot, it majorly misaligns the whole skeleton if worn everyday for longer periods, ultimately causing back pain, leg pain and hip pain. Plus there is always that fear of tripping publicly!

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4. Thongs

They are sexy, stylish and so susceptible to infections! Thong is basically underwear or a swimsuit which is generally preferred by women as it does not show a pant line on your bottom wear. Apart from this one advantage, thongs have many negatives. They are known to cause irritation to the skin, they are useless during periods and worst of all can cause serious infections down there! Not worth it, eh?

5. Shapewear

Another life-saver in the fashion world, shapewear is worn by celebrities to flaunt their perfectly toned bodies just a little bit more. Shapewear helps to give a toned look to your body by compressing all the flab and making it temporarily invisible. It also smoothens any unwanted lines of undergarments. Sounds like a great accessory right? Wrong! While it is definitely useful, wearing it for longer periods has horrible effects like acid reflux, compression of internal organs and not to mention – gas! Eww! No, thank you!

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6. Strapless bras

Strapless bras are a blessing when women want to wear an off shoulder top or a dress with a revealing neckline. There are clear straps as an alternative too but they are not as much fun. While strapless bras help you maintain the style quotient of your outfit, it is no piece of cake wearing one without getting conscious all the time. Firstly, they fail at the basic functioning of supporting the breasts and secondly, it keeps slipping south. So, next time you decide to wear one, make sure your hands are free to pull these babies up every now and then.

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7. Sequins

Sequins are those pretty, glittery, shiny things which make you look like a twinkling star. Sequins are ideal to wear for a party or any glamorous evening. It is loved by celebrities and non-celebrities equally. And everyone who wears sequins has only complaint – the itch. They may look trendy but they itch badly under the arms or wherever the body touches them. But as long as you look impressive, who cares?

Nothing good comes easy in life. And the same goes for good looks. Dressing up is an important part of our personality as it conveys a lot about us. If you have a body that can carry off a thong, go for it! Life is too short to not wear high heels for those special evenings. The rest of the days, relax in your PJ’s while you scroll through what’s next in this painful but pretty world of fashion.

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