Unemployment and stress have reduced my libido

sad young man

Dear Sir,


I am a 27-year-old unmarried man. I have a low libido problem since one year. I even know the reason for it. I am unemployed and my parents feel very sad about it, because of which I am feel very guilty each and every day.

I consulted three doctors. Only the last one whom I recently met prescribed medicine to my problem. The first two did not recommend any medicines. They said it’s purely psychological. Of course the last doctor also stated the same issue but she suggested medicine too.

I am afraid about the medicinal cure because I feel I cannot enjoy sex in my future without medicine then. I wonder, if my problem is purely psychological, how can I get out of it with pills which will provide only physical benefits if any?

Also can you suggest any alternate solution that could work without medicine? I didn’t have the prescribed medicine either, as I don’t have sufficient money to purchase these, which are very expensive.

Still if I somehow manage to have these medicines will these have any effect on my future sexual life? I don’t have any other health issues or any kind of bad habits like drinking and smoking. The tests show my testosterone level also as normal.

Please help!

(The reader sent details of medicines prescribed along with this message for better understanding of the case.)

Dr Paras Shah says:

Dear young man,

We cannot say conclusively whether the cause of loss of libido is psychological or organic without the availability of detailed history and laboratory investigations like Serum testosterone, prolactin and free testosterone, for which your blood samples are required.

Stress is a major factor

My answer to your query is in your query itself in a way. You have said that you are unemployed and hence you and your parents are unhappy, feeling low, which is causing you a lot of stress. Depression and stress can both lead to decrease in the level of testosterone (male hormone) and the resultant loss of libido.

Testosterone is responsible for desire as well as attaining an erection. Any kind of stress thus affects both these functions considerably. This can be temporary if the cause of stress is short-term and can be long-term as well if the stress persists.

Proper medical investigation is a must

I would suggest that you undergo all tests required for a conclusive diagnosis before taking any treatment especially medicines. The medicines mentioned in your query could have long-term side effects.

Unless and until you are diagnosed properly and the underlying cause is properly treated, you won’t permanent benefit from any treatment. So my advice would be to meet your nearest qualified sexologist, following proper investigation with detailed history, go for whatever treatment they suggest.

Hope you feel better soon!

Dr Paras Shah


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