Her Unfulfilled Dream of Marriage


My cousin Deepali had a good educational background which helped her fetch a high paying job. Her parents, like all parents do, were on the lookout for a good match for her as soon as she got her first job.

We were much younger than our cousin and did not understand what their family was going through. Finding a match was not an easy task.

Deepali met many boys, there were rejections from either side making her unhappy. I remember that Deepali really wanted to get married and settle down. Life was getting depressing for her with each rejection. I could sense things were not right as I saw her in tears many a times when we visited her house.

Some years passed by in the search for the right match but all in vain. Deepali and her parents were going through a tough time. I recollect her comments from one of the days when we visited her. “If I had known things would be this difficult, I would have looked for someone in my college, but I always thought that love marriage will not be acceptable to my parents so I never gave it a thought. I wish I had been the rebel and found a match for myself. Now it is just impossible to find someone. My father finds fault with every boy we meet,” Deepali cried her heart out. I felt sorry for her and at her helplessness. Here was a person who wanted to get married but could not find anyone, unlike me who did not want to get married at all, it was a depressing situation for her.

Her father was looking for an absolutely perfect match which is not possible where human beings are concerned. There are bound to be shortfalls in every human.

A few years later, someone approached them for marriage. The boy was well placed and willing to marry Deepali but my Uncle disapproved of the match on the ground that the boy was earning less than Deepali.

“How does it make any difference? It is just a couple of hundred short,” my Aunt argued with my Uncle.

“He will have an inferiority complex soon as he earns less than our daughter. Their marital life will be filled with bitterness and our daughter will not be able to bear the torment,” my Uncle put across his point of view.

“His salary will not always remain constant. He will progress in life and will soon start earning more. You never know he may start earning much higher than our daughter soon,” my aunt tried to convince my Uncle but he was determined not to budge from his decision.

I learnt that Deepali cried a lot that day as it was a match that could have happened but it did not.

That was probably the last time Deepali met someone. Age too had caught up. Life had to continue and it did. She never spoke about her dream again as she had reconciled to the fact that her dream could not be fulfilled.

She remains single till date and is nearing her retirement. That match could have been a great one but her father did not want to take the plunge. Her dream of settling down in a comfortable marriage could never get fulfilled.


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