What Do You Do When You Are In An Unhappy Marriage?

Unhappy Marriage but can't move out

It’s been 7 years that I have been married and we have a 5-year-old kid. But, I am not happy with my married life. I feel I am totally trapped in an unhappy marriage.

What Do You Do When You Are In An Unhappy Marriage

My husband and I are opposite poles. He is just a procrastinator and too lazy. He expects me to agree on whatever he says. I always get pissed off with him and his behaviour. I don’t feel happy about anything he does or says.

I am in an unhappy marriage with a kid

Because of my kid, I am slogging on otherwise every moment I hate sharing the same roof with him. I am unhappy but I can’t leave. He is terribly lazy himself but keeps ordering me around. I have never seen him take an initiative about anything.

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I dislike his personality

When I look back sometimes I think what was it I liked about in the first place to have got married. I feel this is a dead marriage from the moment we tied the knot. I started disagreeing with him right from the honeymoon. But his personality is such that he is not open to a diverse viewpoint and always wants me to agree with him.

I don’t know what to do

I am desperately unhappy in my marriage but I can’t walk out because of my kid. I don’t know how I should feel better. Can you please help?

 She is in an unhappy Marriage
This lady says she is unhappy in her marriage

Dear Lady,

It happens that a couple has completely different personalities. Imagine living with someone who is exactly like your carbon copy. That wouldn’t be too enticing either.

You are unhappy with your man

Yes, there are facets about our spouse we dislike and that’ll always be. We may disapprove of their lifestyle or personality traits, their personal values about certain things or specific behaviour may put us off. This is natural.

But, when you say I don’t feel happy about anything with him, you really need to look deep into your relationship. The information you’ve shared here is insufficient for me to understand what particular problems maybe except your dislike for his habits may be.

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What is it that’s making you unhappy?

For further clarity you can ask yourself:

A. Is it absolutely true that I dislike absolutely everything about my husband.?

B. I have been married for many years, what 5 things I like about him because of which I actually am with him.

C. What does this relationship give me? Why am I in this?

D. What are my shortcomings as a person?

E. What do I provide in this relationship?

F. What does my husband provide to the relationship?

The answers will give you clarity

These questions will give you clarity and you can reply with the answers for me to help you further.
You should first pinpoint the reasons for your unhappy marriage and then only you can work on making it better.

All the best
Snigdha Mishra

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