Unprotected sex gave me hives and herpes but I am terrified that I have AIDS too

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Dear Ma’am,

I am a 23-year-old female. I had intercourse with my partner 2 months back and after 2 days of it, I got vaginal ulcers. My doctor says that it is Herpes. Now I am getting hives. Also, my throat was sore during the first month and it is the second month and I am still getting hives. The glands are swollen and I also got diagnosed with PID and kidney stones.

Ma’am, I am really worried. I can’t sleep at night. Is it HIV? I got tested negative but the report says that the correct result comes after 3 months. I am just worried. Also my partner is not ready to get himself tested. He is so sure that it can’t be HIV. I have been in trauma for the last 2 months. I am so depressed. Please tell me what to do now.

Dr. Sharmila Majumdar says:

Hello Young Woman,

I am really sorry about the state of your health.

Physical examination: Only physical examination and blood test can reveal what infections you have. At least for herpes, you need antiviral medication and it does keep recurring. Unfortunately it can be only treated not cured. It is also a sexually transmitted infection. I hope you are on medication for herpes and PID. To reassure yourself, do have yourself tested for HIV again in a few days’ time.

Begin Treatment: Kidney stone can be treated easily by any urologist, so don’t worry, but begin the treatment. In any case, please do not be passive, but actively get yourself treated.

Precautions and health: Don’t get depressed, as there are good medicines to reduce the symptoms and in future, kindly be very cautious. Always use protection, as it’s your future and it’s in your hands. Also start taking multi vitamins to boost your immune system. Take care.

If you wish to consult me please go through my website doctorsharmila.in, I wish you lots of good luck.


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