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I see a sparkle in your eyes

A sparkle of …….

Hope anew

On the threshold of life brand new

Stands a vista of dreams unfulfilled

I see the twitching of your hands……..

A feeling


Or a surplus of bliss

I hear the Mellifluous sound of your bangle…….

A reverberation

Of Awakening Silence

Or overtone of my thumping heart

The swish of your …SILKEN Saree…

Spreads a fragrance astute

Even the jasmine and incense stick

Relish this divine whiff

Our eyes meet

A blink

An exchange of a silent vow

A vow…..

Of understanding

A hushed plea

Of eternal love

The clasp of our hands…….

A pact

Of togetherness

An assurance

Of Unwavering trust

An exchange of a warm hug….

A metaphor….

Marriage of our minds

Heralds a promising journey of…….

Two different BUT MERGING souls

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