Unsuccessful love stories of cricketers and celeb couples

Yuvraj and kim

Not every story ends like #virushka life, it’s not often that your first love ends up being your last love. Failed romantic relationships aren’t just failures, they end up teaching you a valuable thing or two about life and love, in general. But when you’re a celebrity, everyone’s interested to know how your personal life is rolling. And well, everyone’s not as lucky as Virushka, right?

We have compiled a list of unsuccessful love stories of cricketer-actress couples

  1. Anju Mahendru-Gary Sobers

Anju Mahendru might now be a known for her character as ‘dadi’ in these current shows. But this actress had her fair share of the limelight in her young years for her relationships. In the year 1966, she met Gary Sobers during a Caribbean tour and reportedly fell in love with him and also, got engaged to the cricketer! But the geographical distance and the concerns about their individual careers got in the way and hampered the growth of their relationship, leading to their breakup.

  1. Amrita Singh-Ravi Shastri

Before Amrita Singh got married to Saif Ali Khan, this beautiful lady of the tinsel town had a whirlwind romantic affair with the former cricketer, Ravi Shastri. He was charmed by her beauty and they were going very strong and steady. He had even slid the ring on her finger but then eventually their engagement was called off. Shastri was quoted saying in one of his interviews, “I definitely don’t want an actress wife. I am chauvinistic. Her home should be her first priority.”

  1. Kim Sharma-Yuvraj Singh

Bollywood and cricket have some strange connection. One of the affairs was that of Kim Sharma and Yuvraj Singh. She was a wild child and he was a party animal. Sparks were bound to fly when they met. And very soon they were dating and were quite intensely into each other. But Yuvraj’s mother did not approve of her and hence, their affair ended.

Watch the video to know more about such Bollywood and cricketer couples.


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