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Unsung- a poem

It’s all right. You can close the door.

Don’t pick up the phone. It’s me again.

Maybe. One day I’ll stop trying to get through.

I’ll stop breathing.

Believing. Guess you don’t know.

Holding on, while you walk away.

Walk on. When you look back you’ll see.

I’ll be fading.

You didn’t want me in the first place.

Just something you wish undone

You were trying to see if you care

Songs of love, you wish unsung.

I thought. Oh what a fool I was.

Thought only once. You thought again.

Sometimes. In matters of heart the head wins.

I’m not thinking.

Move on. Know I’ll be alright

Get on with life. Just not the same.

Willing. To feel this way till the end.

I’ll be falling.

And one day when the sun shines through,

The light will get to me as it did to you.

But there’ll be nothing I’ll wish undone.

I am the song of love, can’t be unsung.

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