Valentine day#Contest :Ho gaya hai tujhko to pyar sajna

Couple talking with each other

Red roses, bottle of champagne,chocolates,cards,diamond jewellery…….this is a perfect landscape for a valentine day but coming from a small town and a conservative family, untill I got engaged I had no idea…..What a real valentine would be ?  Ours is an arranged marriage and when I am saying ‘Arrange’,it means arranged by everyone accepted by ‘Us’. So yes! We celebrated our first valentine day together, staying miles apart ,afterall it’s written nowhere you have to be together to celebrate the occasion.Me and my ‘Mr shy’ had our first conversation (after that 15 minutes filmsy style chit chat session in the temple) on this’ Global emotional day’.Wow!! We too had valentines now and we could accept it legally and socially .On that particular day a mobile company fetched it’s two potential customers who left no stone unturned to increase its profit by night call package,day call package, hum tum package and what not! Hilarious!, it seems now but that time it felt so romantic, surreal and satisfying far beyond to be expressed in words.

Eleven years ago I celebrated valentine day with my would be husband and this time I will celebrate it with my munchkins ‘Papa’.Yup! They are also part of the festival, afterall the love that blossomed that day has grown stronger day by day and my little ones have strengthened the bond like a “fevicol ka majboot jod”.

So this valentine day I would like to have a heart to heart gossip session with my husband just to recall and revive our first call on that day and I know from the bottom of my heart as soon as he will speak a single line from that forgotten call still today …..My heart will start singing “Ho gaya hai tujhko to pyaar sajna”………..<


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